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Student training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers

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Our Training Catalog contains programs currently offered by the FLETC. Export programs refer to programs that can be hosted off-campus. Please regard the registration and contact information included on each program page.

Acronym Titlesort descending Locations Offered
ISDTP Instructional Systems Design Training Program Glynco -
ITNTA Instructor Techniques for Non-Lethal Training Ammunition Glynco - Artesia - Charleston - Cheltenham - Export -
IAITP Internal Affairs Investigations Training Program Glynco -
IBMLTP International Banking and Money Laundering Training Program Glynco - Export -
IPTSO International Pre-Deployment Training, Security Overseas Seminar Cheltenham -
IPTUR International Pre-Deployment Training, Understanding and Representing DHS Cheltenham -
IITP Internet Investigations Training Program Glynco - Export -
IPCP Internet Protocol Camera Program Glynco -
ICITP Introduction to Criminal Investigation Training Program Glynco -
IDEA Introduction to Digital Evidence Analysis Glynco - Export -
IDECTP Introduction to Drug Endangered Children Training Program Artesia - Export -
IALE Investigative Analysis for Law Enforcement Glynco -
JCSTP JTAG ChipOff for Smartphones Training Program Glynco -
LTATP Land Transportation Antiterrorism Training Program Glynco - Export -
LEADITP Law Enforcement Advanced Driver Instructor Training Program Glynco -
LECTITP Law Enforcement Control Tactics Instructor Training Program Glynco - Artesia -
LECTRTP Law Enforcement Control Tactics Refresher Training Program Glynco - Artesia -
LEDITP Law Enforcement Driver Instructor Training Program Glynco - Artesia - Cheltenham - Export -
LEFCTP Law Enforcement Fitness Coordinator Training Program Glynco - Artesia -
LEISTP Law Enforcement Instructional Skills Training Program Glynco - Artesia - Charleston - Cheltenham - Export -