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Digital Forensics Investigator Level 1 Program

5 Training Days
Locations Offered


The Digital Forensics Investigators 1 (DFI-1) Program formerly the Mobile Device Investigations Program (MDIP) is designed to provide investigators with the basic training necessary to complete a forensically sound acquisition of digital evidence from mobile devices and external media devices. It also includes an understanding of cell technologies and the skills to frame an investigation from evidence obtained through a device extraction. Students must attend each block of instruction and satisfactorily complete all labs and practical exercises of the program to receive a Certificate of Training. The goal of the program is to provide training on the seizure/collection of a mobile device as well as documentation and reporting of the collection and extraction process. Students will learn the importance of using hardware and software tools used for collection and extraction of mobile devices.

At the conclusion of this one-week program, the training participant will have demonstrated, through the successful completion of a practical exercise that he/she has a functional knowledge of:

  1. Identify different types of mobile devices.
  2. Understanding importance of CDR’s and how to properly request them.
  3. Best practices for seizure and collection of mobile devices and external media.
  4. Procedures for connection, extraction, and preview of data using forensic tools.
  5. Report preparation.
  6. Identify legal issues in mobile device seizure and forensics.

These objectives will be addressed through lecture, discussion, labs and practical exercise, and demonstrations of relevant techniques.


Applicant must be a law enforcement officer/agent, Direct Law Enforcement Support Personnel (DLESP) or employees of a federal, state, local, tribal or international agency who perform functions directly related to a law enforcement or Department of Homeland Security (DHS) mission. This category may also include military personnel preparing for deployment. A functional knowledge of computers is highly recommended.

Required Training Materials


Program Syllabus/Curriculum

  • Cell Phone Investigations.
  • Data Acquisition.
  • How Cell Phones Work.
  • Cell Phone Technology.
  • Mapping Software.
  • Cellular Forensics Software.
  • External Media collection/imaging/reporting.
  • Identifying legal issues in mobile forensics.

Program Contact Info

Glynco: (912) 267-3447
State and Local: (912) 261-4566

Program Registration