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Look up email and mailing addresses, telephone numbers, help-desk support for student records, transcript requests and more.


Federal Admissions Coordinator (912) 267-3344
EEO Office (912) 267-3316
Employment Opportunities at the FLETC (912) 267-2289
Freedom of Information Officer  (912) 267-3103
College Intern Program (912) 280-5111
International Training (912) 554-4354
Office of the Director  
Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) & Peer Support Program (912) 267-2633
24 hr. Support Line: 1-877-235-7337
Privacy Act Officer (912) 261-4512
Procurement Division/Doing Business with FLETC (912) 554-4600
Procurement Technician (912) 554-4600
Office of Public Affairs (912) 267-2447
State, Local, and Tribal Training 1-800-743-5382
Student Records (912) 267-2457
Transcript Requests (912) 267-2457
Veterans Information (912) 267-3414
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Mailing Addresses and Main Contact Phone Numbers

Facility Address Phone
 FLETC Glynco Attention: Name of Addressee
Building # and Division Name
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
1131 Chapel Crossing Road
Glynco, GA 31524
 (912) 267-2100
 FLETC Artesia Attention: Name of Addressee
FLETC Artesia Facility
1300 W. Richey Avenue
Artesia, NM 88210
 (575) 748-8000
 FLETC Charleston Attention: Name of Addressee
FLETC Charleston Facility
2000 Bainbridge Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29405-2607
(843) 566-8551
 FLETC Cheltenham Attention: Name of Addressee
FLETC Cheltenham Facility
9000 Commo Road
Cheltenham, MD 20588-4000
(301) 868-5830
 FLETC Washington Attention: Name of Addressee
FLETC Washington Office
1717 H. Street
7th Floor, #16
Washington, D.C. 20006
 (202) 233-0260