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Welcome to Cheltenham

The following general training information for training officers and prospective students. Should you have a question or require additional information on FLETC Cheltenham training activities or conference facilities not addressed in this section, please contact the FLETC Cheltenham Scheduling Office at (301) 877-8515 or;

Currently, there are no on-site facilities available for:

  • Housing students
  • Serving meals
  • Credit union
  • ATM or banking services

General Information

NOTE: Per diem rates vary between counties. Please verify applicable location per diem rate at Government Per Diem Rates.

All incoming emergency callers should call FLETC Security at (301) 877-8400. Due to the large number of students in training and the limited number of personnel available to answer the phones, students are asked to restrict incoming calls to emergency calls only.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, FLETC Cheltenham will follow the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) designated operating status. The official OPM operating status can be determined by:

  1. Calling the OPM Operating Status line at (202) 606-1900
  2. Visiting the OPM Operating Status web page.
  3. Monitoring news media announcements.

FLETC Cheltenham will observe the OPM operating status as follows:

  1. Open under Unscheduled Leave: Regular training schedule.
  2. Open under Delayed Arrival/Unscheduled Leave: 6:00am - 9:30am firearms requalification training will be cancelled; delayed start for all other training.
  3. Closed: All training will be cancelled.

Students may also call the FLETC Cheltenham Operational Status Information number at (301) 877-8500 for a recorded operating status announcement.

FLETC Wireless Offerings are only available when physically present at a FLETC Training Delivery Point (TDP). You can access the FLETC Guest Network.

For more information, visit: