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Campus Life


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Welcome to Artesia

Leisure and off-duty clothing should be commensurate with the climate during the student's stay at the Center. Artesia is a desert type climate. Temperatures are typically in the mid 90’s to low 100’s during the summer months, and down to the 20's in the winter months (December, January and February). There is usually a 30-to-40-degree temperature difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures year-round.  Please plan accordingly. 

All personal mail should be addressed using this format:

FLETC Student's name Class title and number
94 Gun Powder Rd, Artesia, NM  88210

Please note that all incoming mail goes through strict security procedures prior to delivery which may include both mechanical and physical inspection. 

FLETC Wireless Offerings are only available when physically present at a FLETC Training Delivery Point (TDP). You can access the FLETC Guest Network and Boingo Wireless through the FLETC Recreation Association.

For more information, visit: 

Campus Services

The Center physician and nursing staff are available students and staff on FLETC. Charges for medical care received by a facility other than the Center Health Unit is the responsibility of the student.  The Health Unit is inside of the Physical Techniques Building 2.

Hours: Monday - Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (excluding government holidays)
Phone: (575) 748-8071

First American Bank offers a variety of services for a nominal fee, including cashing government checks, money orders, traveler’s checks, credit card advances and personal check cashing (limit $100). An Automatic Teller Machine is also available.

Phone: (575) 746-6930

FLETC maintains computer laboratories in Buildings 20 and 35, specifically for student use. The labs are equipped with the latest computers with appropriate software including Microsoft Office.  The lab are available 24 hours per day, but unavailable when an official class is using the room.

Campus Policies

Annual leave will normally not be granted while students are in training. Leave requests for special situations will be granted only when both the Training Management Division and agency representative agree that the leave request is reasonable and should be approved. Sick leave will be granted as required.  See the student handbook for specific information.

Students are urged not to leave valuables in the dormitory room or in their off-Center housing room. Dormitory rooms are equipped with locked cabinets or safes. The safeguard of personal valuables lies with the individual student. Please be careful. DO NOT bring personal weapons to the training center. Duty weapons must be checked in at Building 22 (Main Gate).

FLETC policy prohibits taking identifiable facial photos of students or staff without prior permission of the individuals involved. In addition, it is against the law for certain agency personnel to be photographed under any circumstances. (This policy stems from a need to protect criminal investigators who may perform undercover work.) Although this policy does not preclude “fond memory” type photographs or photography necessary as a part of a course of instruction, students and their visitors are required to adhere to this policy and remain sensitive to its purpose and intent. Please report all suspicious circumstances involving photographic film images being taken to the FLETC Security Dispatcher at (575) 748-8136. Types of incidents include, but are not limited to: Anyone seeming to be capturing images of individuals without their knowledge; Anyone making a detailed record of all or any part of the FLETC installation; Anyone attempting to obtain class pictures that they themselves are not physically in.