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State, Local & Tribal Law Enforcement Training

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers’ (FLETC), State, Local and Tribal Division (SLTD) supports law enforcement communities by providing low-cost and no-cost training opportunities conducted on the FLETC campuses in Glynco, Georgia; Artesia, New Mexico; Charleston, South Carolina and Cheltenham, Maryland. These programs support the development of specialized law enforcement knowledge and skills.

The FLETC also exports training to host locations across the nation, most of which are provided at no-tuition for sworn state, local and tribal law enforcement officers. These programs are hosted by departments or agencies and are open to officers from around the country.


For more information on training for state, local and tribal law enforcement officers, please contact the Regional Coordinator listed corresponding to the region number for the location of your duty station, as indicated on the above map.

Regional Coordinator Region phone numbers:

Center Advanced/Leadership / Regional Coordinator (RC): (912) 506-1243

Region 1, RC:  (301) 233-2115 Region 4, RC:  (912) 230-9372
Region 2, RC:  (912) 506-1206 Region 5, RC:  (912) 506-2917
Region 3, RC:  (912) 506-3438  

Application Process

When completing the FLETC application, please be certain to complete all required information accurately.  Social security numbers and dates of birth are required for all FLETC training.  Your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will be protected according to federal regulations.

To apply simply click the image below or Apply Now!


The application is only the first step. You will not be enrolled or registered at the time of the application. An administrator will review your submission and if FLETC can accommodate your request, you will receive an email notifying you of your selection approximately 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the class. Until you receive a Confirmation Email or Reporting Instructions, do not assume that you have a seat in the class and do not make travel arrangements. 

Contact FLETC Admissions with any questions reguarding State, Local & Tribal Law Enforcement Training.