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FLETC College Intern Program

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) College Intern program (CIP) provides opportunities for college students majoring in Criminal Justice, Criminology, Business, Information Technology, and Social Science-related fields of study to participate in a Federal Law Enforcement training environment.  The CIP is offered in two sessions consisting of twelve (12) weeks, one during the winter and the other during the summer.

Applicants elect at the time of application whether to serve a Law Enforcement or Non-Law Enforcement internship.  Participants in Law Enforcement internships will be exposed to the world-class training offered at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC).  Participants in Non-Law Enforcement internships will receive opportunities to engage in the numerous administrative business lines supporting the FLETC’s training mission.

Both Law Enforcement and Non-Law Enforcement interns will be expected to divide their time in a fifty-fifty spread.  Law Enforcement interns will be expected to spend approximately fifty-percent of their time completing worthwhile work to advance the FLETC’s mission.  Non-Law Enforcement interns will spend half of their time completing challenging administrative projects that provide experience and insights in how FLETC business lines support the law enforcement training mission.  The remaining fifty-percent of the intern’s time will be spent attending basic and advanced training courses – depending on their assigned duty location.

All interns are free to participate in training events that serve to provide greater awareness of the FLETC’s mission and operations.  These experiences will only serve to broaden the intern’s knowledge, simultaneously affording them opportunities to network with current federal law enforcement and administrative personnel.  To that end, all interns will be assigned a mentor who will serve as their guide for the duration of their internship.  These mentors will help facilitate any networking germane to the intern’s field of interest.

Compensation, Lodging, and Board

Participants in the CIP are student volunteers and are not considered Federal employees other than for on-the-job injuries and tort claims.  Student volunteers are not entitled to remuneration or benefits; however, course credit may be received upon the successful completion of their session.  The assignment of course credit is at the discretion of the intern’s educational institution.

Interns selected to attend at the Glynco, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina; or Artesia, New Mexico, locations are provided complementary housing at the on-center dormitories and free meals in the on-center dining facilities.  Interns selected to attend at the Cheltenham, Maryland, Washington, D.C.; or Orlando, Florida, locations will be responsible for their own housing and meals. All incurred travel expenses are the sole responsibility of the intern.

Internship Sessions


Application Dates*

Internship Dates

Winter 2016

Oct 2, 2015 - Oct 23, 2015

 Jan 11, 2016 - April 1, 2016


Summer 2016

March 29, 2016 - April 11, 2016

May 16, 2016 - August 5. 2016

* Applications will not be accepted prior to or after the application dates for each session.


Application Process

Who is Eligible to Apply?

U.S. Citizens who:

  1. Are enrolled in either a baccalaureate or a graduate degree program at the time of application and during the time that the internship will be served;
  2. Are majoring in one of the following degree programs:
    • Criminal Justice
    • Criminology
    • Psychology
    • Forensic Science
    • Juris Doctorate (or related degrees)
    • Accounting
    • Information Technology
    • Sociology / Psychology (or related fields of study)
    • Business
    • Mathematics (or related fields of study)
    • Public Affairs
    • Engineering
    • General Administration
  3. Are a college senior (denoted by completing at least 135 quarter hours or 90 semester hours) at the time of application or a graduate student; and
  4. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. 

How to Apply

Applications to the CIP will only be accepted during the application dates listed in the “Internship Sessions” section above.  Once the open period for the respective session arrives, a vacancy announcement will be posted on the Office of Personnel Management’s website,  Applicants will need to create a USAJOBS® account in order to submit their application.  (Click here to view an online tutorial on how to create an account.)

Applicants will need to submit all of the following documents via USAJOBS® in order to be considered:

  1. A current resume.
  2. A completed OF 306, Declaration for Federal Employment.
  3. A narrative essay no more than two single- or double-spaced pages in length that sets forth, at a minimum, the following:
    • Why you are interested in the FLETC College Intern Program;
    • Your career motivations and goals;
    • The source of inspiration for your career motivation and goals;
    • The skills that you would bring to the FLETC if you were selected as an intern; and
    • The type of internship (i.e., Law Enforcement or Non-Law Enforcement) you would like to serve during your Internship Session.
  1. A nomination letter from a school official (e.g., a faculty member or advisor, intern coordinator, or departmental chairman) with personal knowledge of the applicant.  The nomination letter should contain the reasons for nominating the student for an internship at the FLETC (e.g., the student’s scholastic abilities, demonstrated leadership potential, honors, awards, recognitions, etc.).  The letter must be on official letterhead in order to be considered valid.
  2. Official college transcript(s) from the academic institution for which you are currently enrolled. (Transcripts not submitted through USAJOBS® will not be considered.)

All documents must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. ET on the closing date of the vacancy announcement in order to be considered.  Applicants may contact the Human Capital Help Desk at or by calling (912) 267-2289 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. ET (excluding Federal holidays) should they encounter issues during the application process.  Failure to provide one or more of the documents listed above will result in lost consideration for the program.

Selection Criteria

Acceptance into the CIP is highly competitive.  Applicants are assessed on the totality of their application.  For example:

  1. The content of their resume.
    • Does the resume demonstrate any experience in leadership?
    • Is the applicant involved in any community outreach or volunteer activities?  If so, to what extent?
    • Does the applicant’s resume show any paid or unpaid work experience?
  2. The quality of the narrative essay.
    • Is the essay clear in articulating the applicant’s career goals and interests?
    • How many grammatical errors are present?
    • Does the essay demonstrate sufficient forethought and intent?
  3. The depth of the nomination letter from an academic official.
    • Does the letter show a high level of personal knowledge of the student?
    • Is the student doing well academically? If not, are there mitigating circumstances such as personal hardship?
    • Would the student be an asset to the FLETC in accomplishing its mission? If so, how?
  4. How well the applicant’s major and overall course of study aligns with the FLETC’s mission.

Selections for the program are usually made within thirty (30) days after the closing date of the vacancy announcement; however, this may fluctuate depending on the volume of applications that are received.

Source for Additional Information

Additional information on the CIP can be received by emailing the Student Volunteer Program Coordinator at or by calling 912-280-5111.