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Charleston Campus Life


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Student Resources

There are varied activities in which the student can participate such as basketball, weight training, and volleyball. Participants are required to provide their own footwear. In addition to the activities listed, each dormitory has various small games, pool tables, table tennis, and television for the relaxation of the students.

In addition, there is a monthly calendar listing opportunities to take part in various activities away from campus. Some of these activities include tours such as Kayaking at Nature Adventures, Pirate and Ghost tours and Bulldog tours, one of which includes a tour of the USS Yorktown at Patriot’s Point. Some other activities may include chartered fishing by Fin & Tonic, or day trips to Myrtle Beach, SC and Savannah, GA. 

All personal mail should be addressed using this format:

          Student's name
          Class title and number
          2000 Bainbridge Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29405

Students in advanced classes that have class materials to be mailed to their duty stations must have mailing labels from their agency or pay for the postage.

When personal mail is received for a student, the Postal Clerk will sort and log in the item(s). Once the mail has been logged, the clerk will send notification to the on-site agency rep and the Dormitory Registration Desk that the student has received mail and that it can picked up at the Post Office, located in Building 46, Monday through Friday from 4:15 PM to 6:00 PM.

Campus Policies

A valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance or written authorization from registered owner to operate vehicle is required.

Students residing on the FLETC are not authorized to drive to classes, Monday through Friday. Parking for students during this time frame is at their assigned dormitory parking area.

No person may operate a motorcycle on federal property without an approved helmet.

Special provisions for waivers of parking restrictions can be obtained through the Health Unit with authorization from the Security Office. Illegal parking of any vehicle (personal, Government-owned or rental) can result in loss of driving privileges on the Center.

Students and staff must check personal and issued weapons. Center-supplied weapons will be used on the firing ranges. Students are not permitted to keep any weapons or ammunition (personal or issued) on their persons, in their rooms or in automobiles.

FLETC provides reasonable accommodations, upon request, to students with disabilities. Students requiring TDD accessibility, special transportation (i.e., wheelchair lifts), sign language interpreter, special computer enhancements, etc. should contact their organization representative prior to the start of the class so that arrangements can be made.

Annual leave will normally not be granted while students are in training. Leave requests for special situations will be granted only when both the appropriate program manager and agency representative agree that the leave request is reasonable and should be approved. Sick leave will be granted as required.

The Center physician and nursing staff are available Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (excluding government holidays). Charges for medical care received by a facility other than the Center Health Unit is the responsibility of the student.

For civilians and military personnel living and working on a military base, beginning and concluding their day with morning and evening colors has always been the norm. It is part of a daily, time-honored military tradition deeply steeped in history. FLETC has a military component in residence, and colors is observed each day at 8 a.m. by hoisting the American Flag smartly up a flagpole, accompanied by the national anthem. Evening colors is accompanied by the playing of Retreat while flag is lowered gently at sunset. Civilian personnel while outdoors should stop and face the flag, or if not visible, face toward the direction of the music being played. Vehicles within sight or hearing of the ceremony are also required to stop and pull safely on the side of the road until the carry-on signal is given.

Students are urged not to leave valuables in the dormitory room. Dormitory rooms are equipped with locked cabinets. The safeguard of personal valuables lies with the individual student. Please be careful. Personal weapons will not be stored by the Firearms Division. Students should not bring personal weapons with them.

FLETC policy prohibits taking identifiable facial photos of students or staff without prior permission of the individuals involved. In addition, it is against the law for certain agency personnel to be photographed under any circumstances. (This policy stems from a need to protect criminal investigators who may perform undercover work.)

Although this policy does not preclude “fond memory” type photographs or photography necessary as a part of a course of instruction, students and their visitors are required to adhere to this policy and remain sensitive to its purpose and intent.

Please report all suspicious circumstances involving photographic film images being taken to the FLETC Charleston Security and Emergency Management Specialist at 843-566-8554 or the Security Dispatcher at 843-974-6303.
Types of incidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Anyone seeming to be capturing images of individuals without their knowledge.
  • Anyone making a detailed record of all or any part of the FLETC installation.
  • Anyone attempting to obtain class pictures that they themselves are not physically in.