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Student FAQs

Some programs have prerequisites that must be addressed prior to attendance.  For prerequisite information refer to the specific program page.

The FLETC is authorized to train international law enforcement officials or international officials affiliated with law enforcement on a space-available basis with reimbursement of actual costs.

The FLETC was created to train federal law enforcement officers. There is an on-site office that represents State, Local, and International law enforcement personnel. Private sector students can be admitted if the admission criteria is satisfied and a Partner Agency sponsors the student. Appropriate documentation from the Partner Agency is forwarded to the Director of the Office of State, Local, and International training for his approval.

FLETC courses are not offered to the general public.  Students who attend FLETC are sponsored by their agency.  Their courses are paid for on a reimbursable and not by individuals, and therefore not eligible for G.I. Bill educational reimbursement.

We provide information about traveling to Glynco on our website.

To obtain a copy of your transcript, you must fill out a Transcript Request Form. Follow the directions for completion that are included on the form. Mail the properly completed Transcript Request to the address shown on the form. Please be sure to sign the form. Unsigned requests cannot be processed.

You may obtain a copy of the Transcript Request Form in any of the following three ways.

Send an email to: You will receive the form via return email.

Send a fax to 912-267-2444. You will receive the form via return fax.

Call the Educational Aides office at 912-267-2457 and request a copy of the form.

If your agency is a partner with us, you will need to go through your agency representative to get a seat in a training class. Please check our listing of partner’s located here.


If your agency is not listed, you may send us a request to be added to the program’s waitlist here


State, local, campus and tribal personnel may apply via the FLETC Application for Student Training (FAST) on-line application system.  More information on the state and local application process can be found here. If you do not see a program and/or dates listed on FAST, seats are not available in that class.  Please check the site often, as seats are advertised as they become available. 


Additional FLETC registration information can be found here:  

The program cost (excluding meals and lodging) of some classes is partially subsidized by the FLETC.  The subsidy is calculated based on the number of students attending the program.  Cost reductions will automatically be applied when billing your agency.

Program costs include tuition, lodging, and meals. The costs associated with advanced programs vary depending on the individual program. Lodging costs may vary based on where students are housed.  Cost is estimated at the highest rate; therefore, your final cost may be lower.  In courses that last more than a week, the middle weekend meal and lodging costs are included.

Federal agencies will be billed 30-45 days after the program ends.  State and Local students and Non-Partner Organization students are asked to prepay through our Pay.Gov portal.  Please contact for more information.

The FLETC is located 6 miles north of Brunswick, GA, between Savannah, GA and Jacksonville, FL . The names "FLETC," "The Center," and "Glynco" are interchangeable; however, these are not on a map--locate Brunswick on the southeastern coast of Georgia. U.S. Highway 17, a north/south route from Maine to Florida, and Interstate 95. Exit 38 on I-95 directs you to the facility; highway signs are to be observed closely when approaching the Center. Students' automobiles will be registered upon arrival at the Center. Therefore, it is required that students have a valid driver's license and proof of insurance.

To better understand why FLETC asks registrants for certain sensitive information, please read the following FAQ's.