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Student FAQs


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Do you have a question? Check here for answers to some of the most common student questions we receive here at FLETC.


It depends on the program. This information is noted under the prerequisites for each program in the Student Catalog. In some programs, law enforcement support personnel may attend, as well as private industry students. If you are unsure whether you are eligible to attend a particular program, send an email to, and request clarification. 

Some programs have prerequisites that must be addressed prior to attendance. For prerequisite information refer to the specific program page in the Training Catalog

Currently the FLETC will accept all students regardless of vaccination status.

Although numerous FLETC programs are accredited though the Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation Board, they are not open to the public and therefore are not typically available as training under the Montgomery G.I. Bill or Yellow Ribbon Veterans Educational benefits.  Students wanting to use these benefits should contact the VA directly for further information.

There is no childcare available at any FLETC training location.

FLETC Wireless Offerings are only available when physically present at a FLETC Training Delivery Point (TDP). FLETC offers students and PO staff, the ability to connect wirelessly to the FLETC Guest Network for work, training and limited personal use while attending training at a FLETC location. FLETC Guest Network users can connect using Government or personal devices such as laptops, cell phones and tablets. For more help, please see the FLETC Guest Network and FAQ’s.

The FLETC Recreation Association is a non-profit organization that provides social and recreational activities for the staff and students attending training at the FLETC. The Association offers wireless internet service through a 3rd party commercial entity (Boingo) for a daily fee in selected areas on site at Glynco, Artesia, and Charleston.

Cost: Starts at $7.95, dependent on plan. For more information regarding Boingo Wireless, please visit their website at

The FLETC Express is a convenience store that sells clothing items, patches, decals, memorabilia, and similar items.  If you are interested in such items, please call the store direct at (912) 265-2048.

We can only address the requirements for position vacancies at the FLETC. Refer to USAJobs to search for vacancy announcements. If you are interested in working for any other law enforcement agency, you should contact that agency directly or check the USAJobs website since many Federal agencies recruit through that venue.  You can create an account for yourself and post as many as five resumes to that site. You can search for jobs that you might qualify for and also apply for jobs by following the instructions on the vacancy announcement.

You can view FLETC training that is scheduled in your area by clicking here, and sort on “Location” column.

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) delivers law enforcement training programs via host agencies throughout the United States. FLETC will provide certified instructors, equipment, handouts, and supplies needed to deliver the course at the host location. 
If your agency (state/local/tribal) is interested in hosting FLETC training, please click here and follow the instructions to complete the request form.

Federal agencies should contact their agency training coordinator or email

No, Interpreters are not allowed to accompany students in training class.  Applicants must be 85% proficient in English (to include oral and written communication and reading comprehension).

Registration and Payment

For Federal students: Since the agency is the entity that enrolls a student, they are the only ones who know when an employee will be scheduled to attend. Therefore, the FLETC course schedule would be of no benefit to an individual. You should check with your agency training POC or registrar. Additionally, the course schedule is constantly changing as the FLETC adjusts the schedule to meet the needs of the agencies and to accommodate other scheduling requirements. For State/Local/Tribal students, visit

Typically, programs are confirmed 20 days prior to the start date of the program. However, programs may cancel as late as two weeks prior to the program start date if a minimum number of students are not registered.

Most virtual webinars/virtual training that is available to state, local, tribal and federal officers is announced on the FAST site at Many of these offerings are at no cost. The description on the FAST site will indicate any cost that the agency would incur. Recommend reviewing the prerequisites and class information before registering for a class. For further inquiries, email  

It is FLETC’s policy to accept only sworn state, local, and tribal law enforcement officers with arrest authority. This includes full or part-time sworn officers. However, in some training programs direct law enforcement support personnel, as well as part-time/reserve officers, may attend if training relates specifically to responsibilities within your agency. If you have a question regarding eligibility to attend training, send an email inquiry to

State/Local/Tribal students, search the FLETC Application for Student Training (FAST) site for the programs you would like to attend and begin the application process. When completing the FLETC application, please be certain to fill in all required information accurately. Social Security Number and Date of Birth are required for all FLETC training.  Your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will be protected according to federal regulations.

At the time of application, you will receive a notification from our system acknowledging receipt that you have applied for training. This is NOT a confirmation that you have been accepted and have a seat in the class. An administrator will review your submission, and if selected to attend, you will receive a training confirmation notifying you of your selection approximately three weeks prior to the class start date.  FLETC reserves the right to cancel classes as deemed necessary.

The training confirmation will include information regarding the location of the program, course requirements and all other pertinent class information.  If for any reason you have problems applying, or find difficulties with our website, please contact us at FLETCAdmissions@fletc.dhs.go.

Federal students employed with a Partner Organization (PO List), please contact your agency representative to assist with cost and availability for any classes in which you have an interest. If your agency is not a partner of the FLETC, contact for guidance.

For International students, please contact for cost and availability of training. 

Private Sector students: Private sector agencies requesting training must have the endorsement of a federal law enforcement agency stating that the applicant’s training would be mutually beneficial to the agency and the applicant. To apply to attend a FLETC training program, compose a letter on company letterhead stating why the training is needed, its benefits to the agency and background information regarding the student. Also include a letter of sponsorship from a federal law enforcement agency such as the FBI, the U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. Secret Service, or the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigations Division, etc. The letter should be attached to an email and sent to The correspondence will be forwarded to the appropriate training division responsible for the training program requested. If approved, notification of an available seat will be forthcoming. 

If approved to attend training, all related expenses (tuition, meals, and lodging) are the responsibility of the student or their agency.

For all students, program costs include tuition, lodging, and meals, except for our Cheltenham location and export classes, where there are no meals or lodging available. The costs associated with advanced programs vary depending on the individual program. Lodging costs will vary based on where students are housed. Cost is estimated at the highest rate; therefore, your final cost may be lower.  In courses that last more than a week, the middle weekend lodging and meals are included. 

No. Meals and lodging expenses at a host location is the responsibility of the student or the student’s agency.

Electric vehicles charging stations are for government vehicles only.

Our State and Local Training Division (SLTD) provides financial aid for some State/Local/Tribal students. Aid is directed for specific classes and is indicated on the FAST online application site at by “No Cost” under the Tuition column. There is not a separate process with FLETC to allow for financial support in another manner.  Subsidy money is not available to Federal students.

Students who apply via our FAST site will be required to submit billing information to include the agency’s Federal Tax ID number, and non-partner students will receive billing paperwork from FLETC to complete prior to acceptance. Agencies will be billed 30-45 days after the program ends. 

Some training and certain virtual classes may require payment be made prior to attendance through the Pay.Gov portal ( Please contact for more information.

FLETC accepts IPAC (for federal agencies), Department Checks, EFT, and Credit Card payments. Payment options will be provided on the FLETC Invoice.

EFT and Credit Card payments can be made via the portal ( For specific questions regarding other forms of accepted payment, contact

Your social security number is used as a unique identifier to establish a permanent training record.  To better understand why FLETC asks registrants for certain sensitive information, please read the following brochure.

For basic and advanced training, classes typically begin at 7:30 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m. each weekday, however, practical exercises are often scheduled at night to enhance the training experience. The normal training week is Monday through Friday, but training may be scheduled on weekends, if necessary.  When you check in at the Visitor Center, you will be provided a class schedule for your reference. Keep in mind that schedules can change, dependent on circumstances such as weather, availability of facilities, etc. 

If for any reason you are unable to attend a program for which you are registered, please contact the FLETC Registration Specialist identified in your training notification, or you can send an email to Please include the name and number of your class in your request. 

Location and Logistics

For directions to the Center where you will attend training, click the appropriate link below, or enter the address into your web browser:

Headquarters - Glynco Center
1131 Chapel Crossing Road
Glynco, GA 31524
(912) 267-2100

Artesia Center
1300 W. Richey Avenue
Artesia, NM 88210
(575) 748-8000

Charleston Center
2000 Bainbridge Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29405
(843) 566-8551

Cheltenham Center
9000 Commo Road
Cheltenham, MD 20588
(301) 868-5830

If you have a need to arrive early for a class (due to flight schedules, or you are traveling from outside the continental United States, etc.) or require a late departure for any reason, permission must be granted through your agency for the additional cost. Please contact your agency representative or send an email request to

FLETC Artesia, NM:
FLETC Charleston, SC:
FLETC Glynco, GA:
FLETC Cheltenham, MD: There is no shuttle service for Cheltenham

Please review the Student Handbook for more information.

All lodging arrangements are made by the FLETC Student Services Division and are included in the cost of training for programs being held at Glynco, Artesia and Charleston. For programs held at the Cheltenham facility or export sites the attendee is responsible for arranging and paying for their lodging. If FLETC has lodging facilities, the student must stay in the facility provided and will be charged for the lodging. If the student has a compelling reason to obtain lodging other than what FLETC provides, a Lodging and Meals Waiver Request Form should be submitted to for approval.  Location of assigned housing is NOT released prior to the student’s arrival due to security/safety issues.

Meals are provided at FLETC training facilities located at the Glynco, Charleston, and Artesia facilities. The attendee is responsible for arranging and paying for their meals when attending training at the Cheltenham facility or export locations.

Please review the Student Handbook for more information. 

  • Cheltenham-There is no housing available at this location.

This will be dependent upon which class you are attending. Specific information regarding proper attire will be included in the class confirmation letter that is sent out approximately 3 weeks prior to the class start date.

The “fit for duty” statement is certifying that an applicant (and applicant’s agency) believes he or she is “fit for duty” and will be able to endure any emotional, physical, or mental requirements of the program.


You must be in attendance for the duration of the training class, up to and including graduation, in order to receive a certificate. 

Your agency will provide further information regarding graduation. For guests to attend, the FLETC requires specific information on your guests prior to granting them access to the Center.

To request your transcript, visit the Transcript Request page for more information.

The advanced training programs and workshops offered are developed with the advice, assistance, and support of federal, state, local, tribal and campus law enforcement agencies and experts. Training is continuously updated to ensure accuracy and relevance to today’s issues and is certified by each state’s Peace Officer’s Standards and Training (POST) if/when certification is available. FLETC works diligently to get all classes POST approved in the state in which the program is hosted. Actual approvals may not be complete until 30 days prior to class start date as processing times vary state to state. If you have a specific question about a scheduled program that is being held within the next 30 days, please send an email to with your inquiry.

International Students

International law enforcement officers and non-U.S. criminal justice professionals may attend training programs at the FLETC on a space-available and agency pay basis. Please contact with any additional questions.

All international applicants requesting to attend FLETC programs must send all original required documents in an email to the ITD International Coordinator. Once documents are received, ITD forwards the applicant’s completed package to DHS Office of Security and Professional Responsibility (OSPR) for vetting. Once DHS OSPR approves the applicant, they will be notified by ITD.  They are advised not to make travel arrangements prior to receiving an approval letter from ITD.

International applicants training costs are on a reimbursement basis and the responsibility of the applicant.