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Welcome to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) in Glynco!

As you embark on your journey of professional development and law enforcement training, the FLETC Glynco campus stands ready to provide you with the essential skills and knowledge required for a successful career in the field. This immersive training experience will equip you with the tools to excel in your role and make a meaningful impact within the law enforcement community. Whether a recruit or an experienced officer, your time at FLETC Glynco promises to be challenging and rewarding as you engage with expert instructors, cutting-edge resources, and a supportive community of fellow trainees; get ready to immerse yourself in a comprehensive learning environment that will shape your abilities and prepare you for the dynamic demands of your profession.

The FLETC registration office (Building 1) is open 24 hours every day of the week to assist arriving and departing students. Unless otherwise arranged in advance between the student's employing agency and FLETC, the designated travel day for arriving students is the day before his/her class begins.

Students arriving via private, or government vehicle will stop at Building 1 located outside the Main Gate for vehicle registration and, if necessary, for weapon check-in. Housing assignments will be made, and Center identification badge will be issued. Do not unload luggage until housing assignment has been made at Registration in Building1.

Students arriving via Center Bus will be taken to the Registration Office in Building 1, where housing assignments will be made, and Center identification badge will be issued. Students carrying weapons will be taken to Security in Building 1 to check in weapons before going to their assigned rooms.

Class packets will be provided at Registration which will contain information regarding the Center and class specifics: i.e., building number, location of classroom, starting time, and maps.

Students and staff are not allowed to carry or possess their weapons while at the Center. Weapons must be checked in at Building 1 (Main Gate) upon arrival at the Center and picked up after graduation. If participating organizations require, special arrangements will be made to permit students to fire their own weapons during advanced training, however, they must be stored in Building 221 when not used for this training.

NOTE:  FOR CENTER PURPOSES, a weapon is defined as any operable or inoperable firearms to include Revolvers, Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Automatic Weapons, Air Rifles, BB/Pellet and Cap guns or any device capable of propelling darts or arrows, such as operable bows, compound bows and cross bows.

ALL STUDENTS participating in any exercise requiring the operation of a government vehicle, must carry in their possession and present upon request by an instructor or other FLETC official, their valid state driver’s license. Anyone found to have a revoked, suspended or expired driver’s license will not be allowed to participate in any exercise requiring the operation of a government vehicle and will be considered to have failed to meet the requirements for graduation from the training program being attended. Anyone knowingly participating in Driver Training with no current valid license, or with a suspended or revoked license may be subject to disciplinary action. There are no exceptions to this policy.