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Physical Performance Requirements


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What is a Physical Performance Requirement (PPR)?

An established minimum physical performance standard each participant must meet to be eligible to participate in a particular training course or program. PPRs will be established for each lesson plan identified as having a minimum physical requirement to meet an Enabling Performance Objective. The Training Management Operations Directorate maintains a master list of all courses and programs requiring PPRs.

Why we have PPRs?
Student health and welfare is a primary concern at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC). The FLETC has a responsibility to ensure that students attending a FLETC training course or program containing physically strenuous activity possess the specific minimum physical abilities necessary to fully and safely participate in and complete all portions of the course or program. Every effort shall be made to provide reasonable accommodations for those students who are qualified individuals with a disability.

Additionally, the PPRs Certification is completed by the student and reviewed by the FLETC Health Unit personnel with the student to indicate whether the student is physically able to perform the required PPRs at the beginning of the training program. Students acknowledges that knowingly making a false statement on the PPRs Certification, Health Questionnaire, or any other form shall be grounds for dismissal from the training course or program in accordance with FD 500-19, Student Misconduct.


For more information contact FLETC's Physical Techniques Division:

The PTD also provides sports medicine and injury rehabilitation services to the FLETC.