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Glynco, GA – Last week, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (… more

By: Brandon Spragins, FLETC OPA

GLYNCO, GA - In a significant decision on March 28,… more

Real From the Field

“Making a difference in others’ lives fuels my passion!” FLETC Law Enforcement Specialist (Driver Instructor) Sherry Sprague, Driver, and Marine Division explains that ever “since my dad was a police officer in New York, I was an individual who valued authority, discipline, and maintaining order and clearly found law enforcement appealing.”  As a child, Sprague immersed herself in the games of cops and robbers, always taking on the cop role.

Director's Corner


It has been a little more than 100 days since my arrival at FLETC. Since then, I have visited with FLETC staff and our trusted partners to listen and learn about FLETC operations. With each site visit and conversation with… read more