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International Students


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International students may attend training programs at FLETC on a space-available and reimbursable basis. All non-U.S. citizens' applications for FLETC training are submitted to the ITD International Coordinator for processing. 

All prospective applicants must:

  • be a sworn law enforcement officer or have a law enforcement affiliation
  • be at least 85% proficient in the use and comprehension of English
  • meet all prerequisites established for the training program

Questions or requests for additional information can be sent via e-mail to

To expedite your registration at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers in Glynco, Georgia, please follow the below international student registration procedures. Enrollment coordination is accomplished by submitting all required forms and documents to FLETC’s International Training Division, ITD, at least 60 days prior to the first day of training. All forms must be complete and legible.

  1. Before departing your home country, ensure that all enrollment requirements have been met, including language skills (85% proficiency), course prerequisites and security and health clearances. You can review the prerequisites listed in the FLETC Training Catalog. A letter from the FLETC confirming you have been approved ensures that you have been enrolled in the course and that security and health clearance requirements have been completed; bring a copy of the letter with you.

  2. Before departing your home country, ensure a copy of the Non-U.S. Citizen Registration Request form is filled out for your attendance, including billing information, and has been e-mailed to the FLETC ITD at

  3. Before departing your home country, complete a Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers Student Registration Form, FTC-SEM-30 (see below) and print it immediately. Note: You must print the completed form before closing the file. Your changes will not be saved.

  4. Upon arrival at the FLETC present the completed Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers Student Registration Form, FTC-SEM-30 (see below) form at the appropriate registration window in Building 1. If you have not completed the form in advance, you will have to obtain a copy in Building 1 and complete it before you approach the registration window.

  5. Bring your personal identification with photograph (e.g., passport, agency identification card, driver’s license). Also, if you are driving on the FLETC campus, be sure to bring a valid driver’s license as well as the vehicle license plate number to the registration window. If the vehicle is a rental vehicle bring a copy of the lease agreement to Building 1 upon arrival.

  6. Please report registration problems to your class coordinator the first day of training. Your class coordinator will address the problem with the appropriate FLETC officials.

International law enforcement officer and criminal justice professionals may attend training programs at the FLETC on a space-available and reimbursable basis. The following are the steps non-U.S. citizen participants must follow in order for acceptance consideration:

The applicant must contact the ITD International Coordinator at to inquire if a seat is available. If space is available, all required documents must be received and approved before a seat can be tentatively reserved.

If space is available - the following will occur. Note: All forms must be received 60 days prior to the start date of training. If documentation is not received, your seat will be cancelled.

Applicant will receive the following forms from ITD:

  1. DHS Foreign National Screening Request Form (DHS FORM 11055): Information on Individual Foreign National student. Applicant needs to complete the form and return it to the ITD International Coordinator with a legible copy of applicant’s passport and visa, if applicable. (Note: If not provided 60 days prior to training start date the seat will be cancelled.)
  2. FLETC Form (121-00-03) Foreign National Financial Reimbursement. Complete and return to the ITD International Coordinator.
  3. The applicant must request an Agency Endorsement Letter from the nearest U.S. Embassy’s Regional Security Officer. Note: If a U.S. Federal agency is sponsoring the applicant, the sponsoring agency must provide the Agency Endorsement Letter.
  4. The original Agency Endorsement Letter must be provided directly to ITD 60 days prior to the training start date. The letter must be on official letterhead from either the sponsoring U.S. Federal agency or the Regional Security Officer (RSO) at the applicant’s nearest U.S. Embassy.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to contact the necessary embassy/agency to request this letter. The letter must include the following information:

  1. Applicant’s Full Name
  2. FLETC Training Program Requesting
  3. Requested Training Dates (Class Start Date/Class End Date)
  4. A statement that the U.S. Federal Agency or the Regional Security Officer has conducted checks, and the following information has been verified concerning the applicant:
  • Applicant’s Date of Birth
  • A statement that applicant is a sworn law enforcement officer with the law enforcement organization name and country. (If the applicant is not a law enforcement officer, provide the name of the organization with which the applicant is affiliated and a clarification of why the applicant should be approved to attend a FLETC law enforcement-training course).
  • Applicant’s law enforcement title.
  • A statement that applicant is 85% proficient in English (to include oral and written communication and reading comprehension).
  • A statement that the applicant has been vetted pursuant to the Leahy Amendment and no derogatory information was found.
  • If the letter is not from the U.S. Embassy, a statement that the Regional Security Officer (RSO) is fully aware of and concurs with applicant’s request for training at the FLETC. (List the name of the RSO to include address, telephone and email address.)


U.S Government Official Agency Endorsement Letter - FLETC International Visitor/Student

(U.S. Embassy/RSO or U.S. Federal Agency on Official Letterhead)


National Capital Region/ International Training Division
Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers
9000 Commo Road
Cheltenham, MD 20588


Dear Chiefs:

Our office has been requested to provide a letter of recommendation for Mr./Ms. (Applicant’s Full  Name), (Title) of (list applicant’s agency, city and country) to visit the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) for the purpose of (insert purpose here, Type Visit/Training). Our (Office, Agency, U.S. Embassy, Law Enforcement Working Group, etc.) is in concurrence with the proposed visit. Visitor details are as below:


(NOTE:  Multiple visitors/students may be included in one submission. The following is the required information to process this request.)

1.        Applicant/Visitor’s Full Name:          Smith, John D

2.        Applicant/Visitor’s Country:              Brazil

3.        Applicant/Visitor’s Title:                      Investigator

4.        Agency-Ministry/Organization:         Brazil Police Department

5.        Applicant/Visitor’s Place of Birth:    London, England

6.        Applicant/Visitor’s Date of Birth:      11/4/1956

7.         Purpose of Visit/Training Program Requested:    Meet with FLETC representatives to discuss XXXX Training Programs Requested: training programs OR Physical Security Training Program (PSTP-555)

8.         Requested Visit/Training Date(s):      7/30/06-08/05/06        

9.         FLETC Site(s) to be Visited:      FLETC/Glynco, GA; FLETC/Artesia, NM; FLETC/Charleston; and/or FLETC/Cheltenham, MD

10.       Mr. Smith is a sworn Law Enforcement Officer with the law enforcement agency name as a title. (If the applicant is not a sworn law enforcement officer, please explain the applicant's role in the criminal justice system (i.e. commissioner, prosecutor, judge, evidence technician, etc.) and agency details).

Applicant(s) names have been submitted and vetted pursuant to the Leahy Amendment and no derogatory information has been found.  

12.    (If this official letter does not come from the closest U.S. Embassy where the applicant works, add the following statement.) The Regional Security Officer (name), at the U.S. Embassy in (location), who can be contacted at (list telephone number – include country code, email address, fax number and mailing address), is fully aware of this individual and concurs with this request for the applicant to visit the FLETC.

13.    Mr. Smith is at least 85% or more proficient in English (oral communication, written communication, and reading comprehension). (Applicable for students only).

14.    Mr. Smith will require simultaneous interpretation services which will provided my agency.  (If Applicable for non-students only – FLETC does not provide simultaneous interpretation)

15.    Mr. Smith has met all prerequisites established for the training program. (Applicable for students only).

If you have any questions please contact, me at (list telephone number, email address and mailing address).



                                                                                                                                           (Type Name)
                                                                                                                                       (Type Title)


A confirmation letter with details of the training will be provided to the applicant upon confirmation of availability of the seat in the course and successful DHS vetting. Applicants are to make travel arrangements only after their requested seat in the course has been confirmed and they have been approved by DHS vetting.  A request for payment for the actual cost of the training will be issued after the program is completed.

Non-U.S. Citizen Payment Form