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General Descriptions of Instructor Positions


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The FLETC hires instructors to teach a variety of courses and specialty areas. This listing provides a general idea of the types of material taught.

Behavioral Sciences

Effective techniques of interviewing witnesses, victims, and suspects; recognizing stress sources and employing appropriate coping mechanisms to deal with stress.

Computer & Financial Investigations

Detection and combating computer crimes and crimes where the computer is used by criminals to further illegal enterprises.

Counter Terrorism

Anti-terrorism, physical security, officer safety and survival.

Driver Training

Basic and advanced vehicle dynamics involving highway response, skid control, and defensive driving techniques.

Enforcement Operations

Working with informants, conducting surveillance, executing search warrants, working under cover operations, radio communications, note-taking and report writing, operational and patrol skills.


Use of revolvers, semi-automatic pistols and shoulder weapons utilizing safe handling, proficient employment and justifiable use of weapons.

Forensics and Investigative Technologies

Techniques in fingerprinting, description and identification of persons, law enforcement photography, collection and preservation of physical evidence, narcotics identification, rape investigation, and intelligence recognition.


Fundamentals of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as they relate to investigations, detention, arrest, searches, and seizures.

Marine Training

Marine law enforcement operations, water navigation rules of the road, mechanical trouble shooting, pursuit, intercept, boarding and searching, and the use of weapons on a boat.

Physical Techniques

Arrest techniques, self-defense, emergency medical procedures, water survival, physical conditioning.