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Charleston Phone Directory


  1. Home

For Student Emergencies, call (843) 974-6303.

Should any student need further general information (i.e., accommodations, badging, lodging, restrictions, transportation), or have training management questions you may contact a FLETC Program Specialist at . Also, if you need additional curriculum-specific information (i.e., class clothing, equipment needed/provided, times, requirements), you may contact your assigned FLETC Program Coordinator, under Training Catalog (select your specific class for the correct contact).

Mailing Address:

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Office of Charleston Operations
2000 Bainbridge Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29405-2607

Student Information

Visitor Control Center (VCC) 24/7
(843) 746-0849
(843) 746-0850

FLETC Charleston Switchboard
(843) 566-8500

Emergency Incoming Calls for Students
(843) 974-6303 

FLETC Express

Health Unit
(843) 746-0802

Counseling Services/PEER Support
(877) 235-7337

FLETC Glynco PEER Support
(912) 267-2633

Dining Facility
(843) 746-0854

Recreational Specialist
(843) 746-0858

No Wake Zone
(843) 740-3278

FLETC Partner Organizations

Maritime Law Enforcement and Port Security Training

(843) 566-8517

U.S. Coast Guard

Maritime Law Enforcement Academy
(843) 746-7951

Firearms Training

(843) 566-8577

U.S. Courts

Probation and Pretrial Services Academy
(843) 566-8504

Drivers Training

(843) 566-8517

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

On-Site Representative
(843) 740-3280

Physical Techniques Training

(843) 566-8517

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Office of Training and Development – Charleston
(843) 745-2809

Office of Public Affairs

(912) 267-2447

U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service

On-site Representative
(843) 740-6655

Food and Drug Administration

On-Site Representative
(843) 746-7928

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services 

Academy Training Center
(843) 377-4307

Fraud Detection and National Security (FDNS) Training Academy
(843) 360-5004