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Legal Division Student Handbook


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Our mission is to serve as the federal government’s leader for and provider of world-class law enforcement training. As a division of the Office of Chief Counsel, the Legal Division (LGD) is committed to delivering the highest quality legal training to both basic and advanced law enforcement personnel. In fulfilling this mandate, LGD Attorney-Advisors provide training on all areas of criminal law and procedure, including Constitutional law, authority and jurisdiction, search and seizure, use of force, self-incrimination, courtroom evidence, courtroom testimony, electronic law and evidence, criminal statutes, and civil liability. While a large part of the LGD training mission focuses on newly hired law enforcement officers, the LGD also provides training for advanced law enforcement officers and attorneys in the Continuing Legal Education Training Program (CLETP) and related Legal Updates.

The Legal Training Handbook includes materials for basic training, advanced training, and for field use. The Legal Division Reference Book is a companion to the Handbook. The Additional Resources section in it contains numerous pieces of legal information helpful in your day-to-day activities as a law enforcement officer. It is our hope in the LGD that the Handbook can serve law enforcement students and law enforcement officers alike.