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Program Modifications


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We are committed to meeting the law enforcement training needs of our Partner Organizations (POs). The following information is provided to aid the POs when requesting modifications to existing Center Basic (CB), Center Integrated Basic (CIB), Agency Specific Basic (ASB) and Agency Advanced (AA) programs.

Modifications to Existing Training Programs

Requests for modifications of a training program should be submitted to the local Training Management Division (TMD) Chief or the respective Program Specialist in accordance with the timetable below to allow adequate time for coordinating and scheduling.  Every effort will be made to accommodate all requests.

Request to TMD
Program Specialist

Approved by TMD
Program Manager

For Change to Start

June 1

July 1

First Quarter of FY

September 1

October 1

Second Quarter of FY

December 1

January 1

Third Quarter of FY

March 1


Fourth Quarter of FY

After the Program Manager approves the changes, the Training Resource Coordination (TRC) Division revises the model schedule and quarterly confirmations are made. Further changes to model schedules within the time frame above are extremely difficult to accommodate without an adverse impact on other programs. Therefore, requests for changes to programs must be made well in advance of anticipated implementation dates as illustrated in the table.

Development of New ASB or AA Training Programs

Requests for the development and implementation of a new Agency Specific Basic (ASB) or Agency Advanced (AA) training program should be received by the TMD Program Specialist in accordance with table above.

Adding ASB or AA Classes of Existing Training Programs

After the initial allocation of classes for a fiscal year, requests for additional Agency Specific Basic (ASB) or Agency Advanced (AA) classes should be received by the TMD Program Specialist in accordance with table above.

Early planning and accurate annual projections are essential to ensure success in meeting the training needs of our POs. While there is some flexibility in the planning and scheduling processes, the sheer volume of students, complexity of program curricula, demand for limited facilities, and number of agency participants make last minute changes in participants or modifications to training programs extremely difficult. Such requests can result in lost opportunities to train, lost use of facilities, empty seats or cancelled classes.

Additional information for the above processes can be found in FLETC Directive 93-01.

Additional General Information

PO employees interested in attending FLETC programs should contact their agency training coordinator. Questions regarding current program content should be addressed to the local Training Management Division Chief or the respective Program Specialist.