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Reasonable Accommodation Request Procedures


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The Federal Law Enforcement Center recognizes that all its employees need the tools necessary to be productive, and that making reasonable accommodation is simply a way of providing the tools needed to accomplish its mission.

This manual sets forth the procedures to be used, if necessary, when considering the provision of reasonable accommodation to employees and applicants with disabilities. In the majority of situations, providing a reasonable accommodation is simple, quick and inexpensive. The procedures set forth in this manual shall be used for record keeping purposes to document reasonable accommodation requests, grant or deny requests. The procedures shall also be used to request documentation in cases when the disability and/or the need for accommodation are not obvious.

Requests for accommodation must be considered on a case-by-case basis, and, in the majority of cases, can be resolved between employee and supervisor. It is imperative for the employee with a disability to be involved and consulted regarding specific accommodation needed and other aspects of reasonable accommodation through an interactive process.

Although some accommodations (e.g., equipment, hardware, software) may cost money, many, others (e.g., alternative work schedules, leave modifying policy or procedures, relocating an office) to name a few, cost little or nothing to implement. Therefore, using “monetary cost” as a basis for an undue hardship claim is not easily defensible.

These reasonable accommodation procedures will help make The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center the “Model Employer”.

Please review the below file for more information on Reasonable Accommodation Request Procedures.