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Travel to Charleston


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NOTE:  Assigned housing for registered students will be available starting the day before his/her respective class is scheduled to begin (i.e., if a class starts Monday, housing will be available starting Sunday; if a class starts Tuesday, housing will be available starting Monday, etc..). Housing may not be available until after 3:00p.m. Monday – Sunday.

Students who arrive at the Center after 7:00PM should make separate arrangements for their evening meal as the cafeteria will be closed.

FLETC-Charleston Shuttle Bus Service from Charleston International Airport

(Must be requested prior to arrival)

All students requesting FLETC Shuttle Bus Service from the Charleston International Airport must notify the FLETC-Charleston Transportation Office at  NO LATER THAN FIVE (5) WORKING DAYS PRIOR to his/her arrival.  Within the email request include (1) Student Name, (2) Employing Agency, (3) Class Name/Number, (4) Class start date, and (5) Flight Information – arrival date and time.  If the request is submitted at least five (5) working days prior to arrival, the student will receive an email from the FLETC-Charleston Transportation Office confirming receipt and applicable shuttle bus information.   NOTE: Students who do not submit a shuttle bus request as outlined above cannot be guaranteed that FLETC Shuttle Bus Service will be available upon arrival.

What to do if you miss the FLETC-Charleston Shuttle Bus?

If students miss the previously scheduled shuttle due to delayed flights, he/she should reference the airport shuttle service schedule for the next shuttle arrival/departure time.  Students who arrive in Charleston after the departure of the last scheduled shuttle bus service or on a day that no shuttles are scheduled, he/she will be required to arrange for other transportation, i.e. taxi, to the Center at the student’s expense.  Rental cars are also available at the student’s expense. Upon arrival in Charleston, taxi service to the Center will cost approximately $15.00 to $25.00 depending on the carrier that is selected.

The Center is located at 2000 Bainbridge Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29405; at Exit 217-218, head right on the ramp for US-52 East toward Hugh K. Leatherman Port Terminal / Meeting Street. Take the ramp on the right for Bainbridge Avenue Connector. Turn left onto Bainbridge Avenue Connector. Turn right onto Bainbridge Avenue. Federal Complex is ahead on the left. highway signs are to be observed closely when approaching the Center.

Student vehicles (POVs and rental cars) will be registered upon arrival at the Center. Therefore, it is required that students have a valid driver's license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance.

Local Map (Directions and Local Area)