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Indian Country Law Enforcement Officers Memorial


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The Indian Country Law Enforcement Officers Memorial is located in Artesia, New Mexico.

The Memorial site was designed with the Native American traditions in mind.

The Memorial is encompassed by the Circle of Life. The Circle is broken in one location to allow for entrance and departure. There is sage planted in all four directions next to the Memorial to sanctify the site. The four planter areas are filled with white, yellow, black and red rocks and foliage. This indicates the nationalities of the world and indicates that we are all brothers/sisters in the world.

The formation area is done in earth-tone brown indicating mother earth. The foliage next to the formation area also has been configured in a manner as it relates to the Native American beliefs and traditions.

Upon completion of these ceremonies this site will remain sacred ground for all Indian nations.


Indian Country Law Enforcement Officers Who Have Died in the Line of Duty


End of Watch


Chin-Chi-Kee 01/10/1852 01/10/1852 Chickasaw Nation
Benjamin F. Jones 09/20/1876 Choctaw Nation
Culpepper Cobert 12/07/1878 Chickasaw Nation
John Green 12/25/1878 Cherokee Nation
John R. Boston 07/20/1881 Chickasaw Nation
Sam Scott 07/30/1882 Creek Nation
Joe Barnett 07/30/1882 Creek Nation
Henry McGill 11/03/1883 Chickasaw Nation
Sam Cudgo 03/29/1885 Chickasaw Nation
Thomas Cloud 03/31/1885 Seminole Nation
Jack Candy 04/10/1886 Cherokee Nation
Frank West 12/17/1886 Cherokee Nation
Sam Six Killer 12/24/1886 Union Agency Muskogee
Williams Will Fields 12/24/1887 Creek Nation
Med Hair 01/28/1888 Cherokee Nation
Charles Shave Head 12/15/1890 Standing Rock
David Hawkman 12/15/1890 Standing Rock
Henry Bullhead 12/15/1890 Standing Rock
James Little Eagle 12/15/1890 Standing Rock
John Armstrong 12/15/1890 Standing Rock
Paul Akicitah 12/15/1890 Standing Rock
Armstead Homer 05/16/1891 Choctaw Nation
Sequoyah Houstan 06/17/1894 Cherokee Nation
Issac Walkingstick 07/29/1894 Cherokee Nation
Robert Marshal 09/10/1894 Cherokee Nation
John Redhorse 11/14/1894 Pine Ridge Reservation
Joe Big Knife 10/22/1895 Union Agency Muskogee
Charles Proctor 08/20/1896 Cherokee Nation
Jeff Surratt 12/5/1900 Choctaw Nation
Cub Burney 7/17/1901 Choctaw Nation
W. M. Russell 12/24/1904 Choctaw Nation
Ben Collins 8/1/1906 Chickasaw Nation
Adam Hawk 2/28/1910 Quinault Tribal Police Department
John “Hoh” Williams 2/28/1910 Quinault Tribal Police Department
Frank Horn Cloud 3/11/1910 Pine Ridge Reservation
Robert Leo Bowman 9/19/1912 Union Agency Muskogee
Louis Abeita 1/12/1921 Isleta Pueblo
Henry Oats 2/6/1925 Osage Nation
A.H. Scott 6/22/1925 BIA, Department of the Interior
William L. Pappan 12/4/1935 Bureau of A.T.F.
Hoska “Hoskie” Thompson 10/21/1949 Navajo Nation Police Department
Nash P. Garcia 4/11/1952 New Mexico State Police
Dennis Titla, Sr. 4/12/1960 San Carlos
Nathan Norman Bear 7/14/1960 Fort Berthold
Gordon C. James 8/30/1960 Navajo Nation Police Department
Ishkoten Koteen 5/8/1961 Jicarilla
George Comes at Night 4/15/1962 Blackfeet Agency
Allen L. St. Clair 10/3/1965 Wind River Agency
Adolph Frederick Bush 2/5/1967 Uintah and Ouray
Roy Richard Bradshaw 8/27/1973 Colville Tribal PD
Phillip N. Lopez 4/1/1975 Ute Mountain
Ronald A. Williams 6/26/1975 FBI, Pine Ridge
Jack Coler 6/26/1975 FBI, Pine Ridge
Burton Begay 11/17/1975 Navajo Nation
William Bearshield 7/26/1976 Rosebud Tribal Police Department
Milburn Williamson 12/5/1976 Choctaw Agency
Loren B. Whitehat 5/10/1979 Navajo Nation
Glenn Hollow Horn 4/5/1980 Oglala Lakota Nation
Nelson Onepennee 4/11/1980 Yakama Nation Police Department
Jake James McCullough 12/5/1981 Hannahville Tribal PD
Milton Paul Antone 4/14/1983 Ak-Chin
Glenn R. Miles, Jr. 2/21/1986 U.S. Customs, Tohono O’odham
John K. Healy 3/14/1986 Ute Mountain
Louis A. Millard 8/27/1986 Colville Tribal PD
Robert E. Zimin 10/22/1986 Alaska State Troopers
Roy Lee Stanley 12/5/1987 Navajo Nation
Andy Begay 12/5/1987 Navajo Nation
LeRoy A. Pine, Jr. 7/23/1988 Crow Agency
Roderick Henry 9/14/1988 Columbia River Fisheries
Dean Martin James 9/17/1988 Hopi Agency
Terry L. Spotted Wolf, Sr. 9/19/1988 Northern Cheyenne
Delfort H. Kay 11/22/1990 Ute Mountain
Carl N. Wilson 1/3/1991 Seminole of Florida
Donald Dante Thornbury 10/26/1991 Miccosukee
David Zesiger 7/3/1992 Arizona Dept. of Public Safety
Kevin Tilman Lewis 1/17/1993 Pima Agency
Jeffrey S. Skenandore 3/30/1993 Oneida Nation
Issac Benjamin Martinez 4/10/1994 San Ildefonso Pueblo
Michael G. Miller 8/28/1995 BIA, Branch of Drug Enforcement
Ronald Eugene Kelley 11/20/1995 Ak-Chin Police Department
Hoskie Allen Gene, Jr. 1/6/1996 Navajo Nation
Charles W. Lane 9/2/1996 Navajo County Sheriff’s Office
Samuel E. Redhouse 2/17/1997 Navajo Nation
Michael Delgado 4/9/1998 Tohono O’odham Nation PD
Esther Todacheene 6/8/1998 Navajo Nation DPS
Jack Spencer 9/5/1998 BIA, Western Nevada Agency
Defford Thomas Oyebi 12/20/1998 Otoe-Missouria Tribal PD
Winsonfred A. Filfred 4/2/1999 Navajo Nation DPS
Tenny Gatewood, Jr. 12/9/1999 Whiteriver Tribal PD
Kelmar One Feather 7/1/2000 Oglala Lakota Nation
Creighton T. Spencer 3/25/2001 BIA, Eastern Nevada Agency
Lloyd Aragon 8/1/2001 New Mexico State Police
Shelby D. Blackfox 11/6/2001 Cherokee Nation Marshall Service
Robert Taylor 5/27/2002 Chippewa Cree Law Enforcement
Colin Clark, Jr. 3/21/2004 BIA, Office of Justice Services
George Debates 12/19/2004 U.S. Border Patrol
Nicholas D. Greenig 3/14/2006 U.S. Border Patrol
Adam Joseph Menuez 7/4/2007 Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribal PD
Robert Patrick Flickinger 3/7/2008 Chickasaw Nation Lighthorse
Joshua Yazzie 6/7/2010 Uintah and Ouray Tribal PD
Christopher L. Dewey 8/9/2010 Mahnomen County Sheriff’s Office
Anthony Wallace 8/28/2010 Hoonah Village PD
Matthew Tokuoka 8/28/2010 Hoonah Village PD
Michael Gallagher 9/2/2010 U.S. Border Patrol
Merrill Bruguier 10/9/2010 Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal PD
Aaron D. Peru 2/13/2011 San Carlos Apache Tribe
Darrell C. Curley 6/25/2011 Navajo Nation PD
Frederick A. Riggenback 1/26/2013 Chitimacha Tribal Police Dept.
Thomas Olaf Madole 3/19/2013 Village Pubic Safety Officer
Robert W. Baron 12/6/2013 Sandoval County Sheriff’s Dept.
Patrick S. Johnson 5/1/2014 Alaska State Troopers
Gabriel Rich 5/1/2014 Alaska State Troopers
Jair A. Cabrera 5/24/2014 Salt River Police Department
Alex K. Yazzie 3/19/2015 Navajo Nation Police Department
Anthony E. Lossiah 10/6/2015 Cherokee Indian Police Department
Leander Frank 8/30/2016 Navajo Nation Police Department
Nathan B. Graves 1/24/2017 Sac & Fox Nation Capitol Police
Uga’Shon Curtis W. Blackbird 3/26/2017 Omaha Nation Law Enforcement
Houston Largo 4/12/2017 Navajo Nation Police Department
Clayton Joel Townsend 1/8/2019 Salt River Police Department
Steven G. Greco 2/16/2019 Miccosuke Tribal Police
Shannon Lee Barron 7/7/2019 Red Lake Public Safety
David Kellywood 02/17/2020 White Mountain Apache Police Department
Charlie Joe Cortez 11/17/2020 Tulalip Tribal Police Department
Michael Lee 06/18/2020 Navajo Division of Public Safety
Bryan Brown 08/27/2020 Tohono O'odham Nation Police Department
Horacio Dominguez 02/21/2021 Miccosukee Tribal Police Department