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Emergency Preparedness


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Emergency Preparedness Web Sites

FLETC Early Warning System

The FLETCs Early Warning System (EWS) is the siren and public address warning system which alerts staff and students of severe weather at our Glynco, Artesia and Charleston locations. The FLETC Safety Specialist Telecommunicator initiates the appropriate audible signal from the system towers positioned throughout the FLETC when they receive notice of severe weather threatening the area. Many training divisions have developed specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for response to severe weather; therefore, the SOPs should be reviewed from time to time to ensure they are complying with severe weather policy.

Severe Thunderstorms:

When the National Weather Service (NWS) issues a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for the area, it often means lightning, high winds, rain and/or hail could threaten personnel or facilities. The Safety Specialist Telecommunicator will sound the warning signal - a siren wail, followed by a pre-recorded announcement that there is a Severe Thunderstorm Warning. If you are outside when you hear this signal, you must seek shelter (preferably indoors) immediately.


When the NWS issues a Tornado Warning (not a Tornado Watch) for the area, it means tornado activity has been identified in our immediate area and there is a distinct threat of a tornado. (A Tornado Watch means that conditions are favorable for tornado activity but that no specific tornado activity has yet been observed.) The Safety Specialist Telecommunicator will sound the warning signal – a siren fast wail, followed by a pre-recorded verbal announcement that there is a Tornado Warning. If you are outside, you must seek adequate shelter immediately.

After the threat period is over, an “ALL CLEAR” signal will be activated on the public address feature of the EWS to advise FLETC personnel that the weather threat period has ended and training and other activities may resume.

Click here to listen to FLETC's EWS Pre-Recorded Announcements.

Questions about the EWS and response to severe weather events can be directed to the Emergency Management Specialist at 912-267-2470; or the Chief Security Officer at 912-267-2102.


FLETC and On-site Partner Organization staff and students should be aware that the FLETC management carefully watches developing weather problems including hurricanes. In the event of an emergency evacuation of the FLETC, staff and students will receive detailed instructions from FLETC management. You may also wish to monitor one of the following for this information, which will be updated as conditions change and updates are warranted:

  • FLETC Operational Status Information number: 1.800.793.5382 (1.800.79FLETC)
  • Student/Staff Information network (TV Channel 97, on-site at Glynco only)
  • National Hurricane Center can be found at
  • Georgia Emergency Management Agency updates on the Peach State Radio and the Georgia Public Radio network at FM channel 89.1
  • Glynn County's Emergency Information Broadcast Channel is FM radio channel 104.9
  • Other sites such as NOAA Weather Radio, the Weather Channel, local television and radio.

Active Shooter Incidents:

The Office of Security and Professional Responsibility (OSPR) has compiled Active Shooter Incident Response-related materials for FLETC, Participating Organization (PO), Contractor staff, and Student use. The complied material consists of information meant to prepare personnel in the event of an active shooter incident here at the FLETC and can be found on FLETC's intranet:

These products provide informative but general, non-law enforcement/security specific response guidance/measures for FLETC and PO staffs for their office/organization-specific distribution and use to ensure the safety and security of FLETC students and visitors. Remember, despite our backgrounds and training, in this situation we are not the security force that will be engaging the active shooter in a law enforcement capacity. We are the personnel responding much as you see the office workers do in the video.

For security purposes, we do not provide links to the FLETC intranet. Please click here to contact the FLETC Webmaster if you have any questions.