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Wireless Internet Options

Wireless Internet Options

FLETC Wireless Offerings are only available when physically present at a FLETC Training Delivery Point (TDP).

FLETC Guest Network

FLETC offers students and opted-in PO staff, the ability to connect wirelessly to the FLETC Guest Network for work, training and limited personal use while attending training at a FLETC location. FLETC Guest Network users can connect using Government or personal devices such as laptops, cell phones and tablets. Access and usage of the FLETC Guest Network is dependent on user compliance with the FLETC Guest Network User Agreement posted on the network login screen and in the student handbook.

Cost: Student costs are included with course registration. PO staff opt-in costs are set annually.

Locations: FLETC Glynco, Artesia, and Charleston Campuses.

For more help, please see the FLETC Guest Network and FAQ’s.

Boingo Wireless through the FLETC Recreation Association

The FLETC Recreation Association is a non-profit organization that provides social and recreational activities for the staff and students attending training at the FLETC. The Association offers wireless internet service through a 3rd party commercial entity (Boingo) for a daily fee in selected areas on site at Glynco, Artesia, and Charleston.

Cost: Starts at $7.95, dependent on plan.

Locations: FLETC Glynco, Artesia, and Charleston Campuses

  • All dormitory rooms
  • Dormitory recreation buildings
  • Student centers
  • Laundry rooms
  • Pool areas

For more information regarding Boingo Wireless, please visit their website at