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Tactical Medical for First Responders

1 Training Day


The Tactical Medical for First Responders program is designed to define a Medical Threat Assessment, to include a medical plan for a tactical operation. Students will learn how to apply techniques to control life threatening bleeding during Care under Fire in a (HOT ZONE). Additionally, they will perform techniques to treat life threatening and non-life threatening injuries during Tactical Field Care in a (WARM ZONE). During the program students will demonstrate lifting, moving and extricating victims from a tactical or hostile environment during Tactical Evacuation Care.




Required Training Materials

  • Students are encouraged to wear proper clothing (e.g., BDU pants, t-shirt or compatible clothing) for skill drills that include being dragged and carried.

Program Syllabus/Curriculum

  • Tactical Medical

Program Contact Info

Glynco: (912) 267-2313
Charleston: (843) 746-0865
Cheltenham: (301) 877-8420
Artesia: (575) 746-5862
State and Local: (912) 261-4566

Program Registration