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Officer Safety and Survival Training Program

5 Training Days


The OSSTP is a dynamic, hands-on training program designed to give officers a renewal of the survival mindset and the tools to detect, avoid and win against spontaneous attacks. Based on recent research, this training focuses on three environments where law enforcement officers have encountered spontaneous attacks. These environments are from inside and around vehicles, exterior approaches, and inside structures. The officer will also be trained in low light environments along with basic medical knowledge and skills necessary to treat injuries often experienced in a combat or tactical environment. Through lecture, demonstration, and reality-based scenario training, the officers will be encouraged to push traditional boundaries with an emphasis on tactical problem solving. This will be reinforced with stress inoculation. The officer will be evaluated on their ability to perform the required skills and tactics during a practical exercise.



1. Applicant must be an armed law enforcement officer/agent with arrest authority in the prevention, detection, apprehension, detention and/or investigation of felony and/ or misdemeanor violations of federal, state, local, or tribal criminal laws. 2. Must be able to participate in intensive training, including under stress lasting up to 11 hours per day. 3. Must be in good physical condition with no medical restrictions during the training period.

Required Training Materials


Program Syllabus/Curriculum

  • Use of Force
  • Introduction to Officer Safety & Survival
  • Active Threat Response Tactics
  • Tactical Medical
  • Officer Safety and Survival Lab/PE
  • Tactical Defense from Inside and Around a Vehicle

Program Contact Info

Artesia: (575)746-5676

Charleston: (843)746-0865

Cheltenham: (301) 877-8448

Glynco: (912)554-4257

Program Registration