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Internal Affairs Investigations Training Program

5 Training Days
Locations Offered


The Internal Affairs Investigations Training Program (IAITP) is designed to orient experienced law enforcement officers and related personnel to the unique investigative and legal aspects of conducting internal affairs investigations, both administrative and criminal. The program provides instruction on the techniques and procedures used in these investigations, the statutory and constitutional legal issues that arise when dealing with governmental employees as witnesses and subjects, advanced interviewing techniques useful in integrity investigations, and investigative techniques helpful in obtaining information on the internet. That instruction is reinforced and expanded through the presentation of case studies/discussion by guest lecturers that typically include a highly experienced internal affairs investigator and two highly respected attorneys specializing in the government and the defense perspective in conducting internal affairs investigations. The students receive instruction in government workplace searches, relevant statutes, 5th amendment issues and internal affairs case studies.


  1. Applicant should be a law enforcement officer/agent with arrest authority in the prevention, detection, apprehension, detention and/or investigation of felony and/or misdemeanor violations of federal, state, local, tribal, or military criminal laws or individuals serving as direct law enforcement support personnel whose primary or secondary duty includes conducting Internal Affairs Investigations.
  2. Must have graduated from a basic law enforcement training course or have equivalent training.
  3. Must have knowledge of the 4th and 5th Amendments.
  4. Must have experience conducting law enforcement interviews.

Required Training Materials


Program Syllabus/Curriculum

  • Advanced Legal Issues
  • Electronic Law and Evidence
  • Internet Investigations for Internal Affairs Investigators
  • Internal Affairs Investigations
  • Advanced Evidence and Theme Presentation
  • Cognitive Interview
  • Orientation to Interrogation Laboratory
  • Interrogation Laboratory

Program Contact Info


Program Registration