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Student training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers

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Our Training Catalog contains programs currently offered by the FLETC. Export programs refer to programs that can be hosted off-campus. Please regard the registration and contact information included on each program page.

Acronym Titlesort ascending Locations Offered
DPLE1 Digital Photography for Law Enforcement Level 1 Glynco - Export -
DECEE Digital Evidence Collection in an Enterprise Environment Glynco -
DEASTP Digital Evidence Acquisition Specialist Training Glynco -
CIRA Cyber Incident Response and Analysis Glynco -
CISRTP Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Training Program Glynco -
CSITP Crime Scene Investigators Training Program Glynco -
CETP Covert Electronic Tracking Program Glynco -
CESP Covert Electronic Surveillance Program Glynco -
CLETP_SA Continuing Legal Education Training Program_Special Agent Glynco - Artesia - Charleston - Cheltenham - Export -
CVBTP Commercial Vessel Boarding Training Program Charleston -
CVCTP Commercial Vehicle Counterterrorism Training Program Glynco - Export -
COPTP Case Organization & Presentation Training Program Glynco - Export -
BOAT Boat Operators Anti-Terrorism Training Program Glynco - Charleston - Export -
BTITP Basic Tactics Instructor Training Program Glynco - Artesia -
BTMITP Basic Tactical Medical Instructor Training Program Glynco - Artesia - Charleston - Cheltenham - Export -
BIRDE Basic Incident Response to Digital Evidence Glynco - Artesia - Cheltenham - Export -
BTTTP Backcountry Tactical Tracking Training Program Glynco - Artesia - Export -
ARPTP Archeological Resources Protection Training Program (XP) Export -
ACCTP Alternate and Concealed Carry Training Program Glynco - Artesia - Charleston - Cheltenham -
APTP Advanced Pistol Training Program Glynco - Artesia - Charleston - Cheltenham - Export -