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Student Recreation


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Artesia has differing types of recreational facilities and trips to enhance student life during your training.  Recreational buildings include ones with large screen TV’s, ping pong tables, electronic games and table games. The recreation specialist plan and host several parties throughout the year for various holidays and other days such as the super bowl. Given a minimum level of participation (must be signed up in advance) a trip is taken on Saturday to other recreational opportunities in the area, i.e. Carlsbad Caverns or White Sand’s National Parks. Funds for these events are provided by the Southwest Recreation Association which operates several businesses on the Artesia FLETC such as the convenience store, barber shop and dry cleaners. When you support these businesses a portion of that money is returned to you through recreational opportunities.


There are a variety of facilities that a student can utilize for recreation such as the gymnasium, outdoor pool (summer months), weight training and cardio facilities, the perimeter road and running tracks.  Numerous outdoor canopies with charcoal grills are also available on a first come first served basis. Bicycles for usage off campus can be checked out for a one week period. If no one else has requested your bicycle you can keep it for an additional week.  For more information on contact the Recreation Specialist.


Phone: (575) 748-8092
(*dial last 4 digits when on post)