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Strategic Plan


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FLETC’s Strategic Plan reflects the collaborative efforts of the entire FLETC team. Throughout 2018, FLETC established its new mission, vision, and values. These fundamental and guiding principles focused FLETC on our core purpose, our intended end-state, and the elements of our identity that guide the organization in all circumstances. From these principles arose FLETC’s three goals, rooted in our mission elements of producer, resource, and steward.

With this foundational understanding of our strategic direction, FLETC leadership, staff, stakeholders, and participating organizations came together to construct the enterprise-level objectives that guide FLETC’s path from 2018 through the year 2022. These objectives set the stage for the specific and measurable results we aim to achieve during this timeframe.

For each objective, we developed a set of strategies to guide the initiatives, programs, projects, activities and actions that drive FLETC towards its strategic goals.

Notably, there is no FLETC goal, objective or strategy that is executed independently by a single FLETC Directorate or office. Our goals, objectives, and strategies apply across the FLETC enterprise, and our individual business units organize their day-to-day efforts to contribute to the success of the FLETC enterprise and the achievement of the greater FLETC mission.

The FLETC 2018-2022 Strategic Plan documents our approach to realizing an obligation to serve as the Nation’s enterprise resource for federal law enforcement training.

FLETC’s Strategic Plan 2018 – 2022 is linked to its enterprise-level Annual Performance Plan and the Annual Operating Plans of each of FLETC’s nine lineof- business “Directorates.”