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Traveling to Charleston


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Important Information Regarding the Requirements for Arrival Airport Transportation to the FLETC Effective July 15, 2016:

This information is strictly for the transportation efforts at the FLETC located in Charleston, South Carolina.  In efforts to better communicate, the below information is being provided to ensure there is a clear understanding of what is required by each and every student arriving to the FLETC.  Please know that our goal is to provide transportation that is not only cost effective for the government but beneficial to our Partner Organizations.  This is not a new policy or a new set of requirements, it is defined information to help in transporting your incoming students to the FLETC.

All students traveling to the Center, including those driving, must email the Transportation Office at as soon as transportation plans are firm and NO LATER THAN FIVE (5) WORKING DAYS PRIOR to class commencement to advise time and place of arrival. This information will confirm the program dates, and will schedule, if needed, appropriate ground transportation between the Charleston International Airport (CHS) and the Center. STUDENTS WHO DO NOT RESERVE SHUTTLE SPACE THROUGH THIS PROCEDURE WILL NOT BE GUARANTEED TRANSPORTATION.

Students will arrive at the Center NO EARLIER THAN 7:00 a.m. THE DAY PRIOR to commencement of training. Assigned housing will not be available until 3:00 p.m. Monday – Friday, however, for Saturday and Sunday arriving students, housing will be available upon arrival.  Facilities and housing will not be available for early arrivals Monday– Friday WITHOUT THE EXPRESSED WRITTEN PERMISSION OF YOUR EMPLOYING ORGANIZATION indicating the nature of the official business requiring early arrival.  Students traveling by privately owned vehicle (POV) should arrive before 10:00 p.m.  Students who plan to arrive at the Center after 7 p.m. should make arrangements for their evening meal as the cafeteria will be closed.

Information for those planning to drive to the Center

The Center is located at 2000 Bainbridge Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29405.  Exit 216B (HWY 7 North) on I-26 Eastbound and Exit 218 (Spruill Ave.) on I-26 Westbound direct you to the facility (Federal Complex); highway signs are to be observed closely when approaching the Center.

Students' automobiles will be registered upon arrival at the Center. Therefore, it is required that students have a valid driver's license and proof of insurance.

Commercial Air Service

Charleston International Airport (CHS)

All students traveling to the FLETC by commercial air are encouraged to route their travel into the Charleston International Airport. It is located approximately 9.4 miles away from the FLETC. When making your reservations, please refer to the destination as CHARLESTON (CHS). Most major airlines serve this airport.  The FLETC will provide ground transportation to and from the Center for each flight at the Charleston International Airport, if PRIOR arrangements have been made.

What to do if you miss the Charleston International Airport Shuttle

If students miss the previously scheduled shuttle due to delayed flights, he/she may catch the next scheduled shuttle, if any.  Students who arrive in Charleston after the departure of the last scheduled shuttle service will be required to arrange for other transportation, i.e. taxi, to the Center at the expense of the traveler.  Rental cars are also available at the expense of the traveler. Upon arrival in Charleston, taxi service to the Center will cost approximately $15.00 to $25.00 depending on the carrier that is selected.