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Expansion of the Use of Force Instructor Training Program

Expansion of the Use of Force Instructor Training Program
For Immediate Release
By Brandon Spragins, FLETC OPA

GLYNCO, Ga. – The Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) has advanced a widespread movement in enhancing law enforcement training with the Use of Force Instructor Training Program (UOFITP). Born in 2003, UOFITP initially started as a course aimed at empowering instructors within the Practical Application Branch. Recognizing the groundwork of constitutional principles and its critical role in law enforcement, the program has since transformed into an essential nationwide educational initiative.

Constructing a solid framework for understanding the legitimate use of force, this program sets a high watermark in law enforcement instruction. Disciplines within this program include legal aspects, force application, de-escalation, articulation of facts, peak performance, and decision making. Additionally, the students learn how to design and develop reality-based training and how to provide effective student-centered feedback.

“Without a doubt, America has demanded more accountability from the profession of law enforcement, particularly with regards to police use of force.  This course prepares the instructor to teach, coach, and mentor both new and experienced law enforcement officers in being accountable while continuing to accomplish the mission of keeping people safe,” stated FLETC Enforcement Operations Division (EOD) Use of Force Instructor Timothy J. Altomare, a student of the UOFITP course in February 2024.

Responding to the urgent demand for refined law enforcement protocols, Congress infused the program with special funding in 2021. This monetary boost allowed an expansion from what used to be 10 classes annually to an ambitious 50 classes per year. These classes extend far beyond the confines of FLETC, reaching an array of jurisdictions across the United States and encapsulating Federal, State, Local, and tribal authorities.

The UOFITP curriculum is structured to empower instructors with more than just theory. It arms them with purposeful methodologies, giving valuable knowledge about the use of force to officers in the field. Through a blend of static, dynamic, and interactive trainings, instructors are guided on how to curate, deliver, and appraise the effectiveness of use of force training.

“Every day we covered real-time subjects and participated in, constructed, and presented real-time updated scenarios that our officers go through daily.  This training will definitely help me as a State Auditor and Investigator at the Georgia Peace Officers Training Council…. This course was one of the most demanding and challenging yet satisfying courses I have taken in the 35 plus years of my law enforcement career,” stated Jeff Gordy, a recent class graduate.

The training strategy includes employing adult learning principles coupled with reality-based training—capturing the complexities of on-duty encounters. Role-plays, lively discussions, and demonstrations are pivotally structured to equip educators with the toolset required to develop rightly empowered law enforcement officers.
The resounding message places emphasis on the cultivation of instructors who will, in turn, ensure officers nationwide enforce the law with justice, integrity, and an enduring commitment to keeping communities safe. This accentuates the program's commitment not merely to inform but to transform the vital enterprise of law enforcement through education that begets accountability.

FLETC's revolutionized Use of Force Instructor Training Program stands as an emblem of progress in the law enforcement education landscape, echoing the nation’s aspiration for discernment and prudence among its peacekeepers. 

Federal agency personnel should contact their agency training officer to register for training, or call (912) 267-3344 or email us.

State, local, and tribal officers requesting training can register online.


Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers
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