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Checking In and Out

Check-In Procedures

Registration occurs in two places – at the Security Office for your identification card, vehicle registration and weapon storage, and Registration Office in the dormitory for housing assignments. You are required to wear your identification card at all times. Besides being a means of identifying individuals, it also serves as your meal pass in the dining hall. It must be presented and scanned in order for you to be served without being charged for food. If you arrive in a government or privately owned vehicle, after registering your vehicle as indicated above and getting your identification badge, Security personnel will direct you to the Registration Office. Registration is from 12:00 noon until the last bus arrives from the airport on the day before your class begins. When you register, you will also receive a class packet that contains information regarding the FLETC and class specifics: for example, class building number, location of classroom, starting time, and other pertinent information. In addition you will be asked to provide information on several forms. This information is required and used for the routine processing of training documents. Statements under the Privacy Act of 1974 are provided and must be acknowledged by you. No personal weapons are allowed on the FLETC. You must turn in your weapon at Security when you arrive. You can check your weapon out on weekends. Please refer to the section in this handbook on the proper procedure to do so.

Check-Out Procedures

Upon completion of training, room keys should be returned to the Registration area. Envelopes are available for this purpose. Your weapon can be retrieved at the Security Office. You will be notified before departing of any unreturned materials or financial obligations, i.e., missing uniform items. If you have already departed, a letter will be sent to your employing organization requesting assistance in resolving the matter. Departure Transportation In order to make your flight on the day after graduation, the FLETC bus departs the Registration Area at the following times; 4:30 a.m., 7:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. Departures at any other time must be arranged in advance through your Faculty Advisor or Agency Class Coordinator.