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Uniformed Police Training Program

60 Training Days
Locations Offered
Accreditation Status


The Uniformed Police Training Program (UPTP) provides a study of the basic law enforcement concepts that a new officer should understand and/or be able to perform upon employment in a federal law enforcement organization.  The program is designed to provide the new officer with the specific knowledge and skills necessary to perform at the entry level in a Federal law enforcement position.  The FLETC maintains liaison with Partner Organizations (POs) to keep abreast of their changing needs and to provide current information to students concerning federal laws, jurisdiction, policies, procedures and basic operations.

The program of instruction is constantly upgraded and modified to meet the collective training needs of those organizations which participate in the UPTP training platform.  Suggestions for improvement and/or modifications are considered by the FLETC and discussed with POs.  When a general consensus is reached regarding a change to the program, it is implemented. 

The last Curriculum Review Conference (CRC) for the UPTP was conducted on October 21-22, 2014.  The Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation (FLETA) Board granted reaccreditation status to the UPTP on April 16, 2015.



This program is designed for full-time law enforcement agents or officers from the Partner Organizations (PO). Each PO sets the standards in recruiting and designating employees for training.  After the individuals have been selected, they are sent by that organization to the FLETC. Attendees must meet their agency’s recruitment standards and the FLETC Physical Performance Requirements prior to arriving for the training program.

Required Training Materials

Program Syllabus/Curriculum

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