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Money Laundering & Asset Forfeiture Training Program

5 Training Days
Locations Offered: 
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The Money Laundering and Asset Forfeiture Training Program (MLAFTP) is designed for law enforcement professionals seeking a foundation and understanding of how to investigate money laundering and the issues involved with asset forfeiture. The MLAFTP is open to agents, investigators, auditors, analysts and prosecuting attorneys. The program provides an interactive overview of the money laundering and asset forfeiture investigative process.  The program content focuses on participant application of Money Laundering and Asset Forfeiture investigative techniques through an interactive investigation  of a simulated money laundering case. The money laundering suspect will take the participant through a maze of financial transactions specifically designed to conceal and disguise the source, location, and ownership of illegal proceeds. With that information the participants will utilize criminal investigative techniques to identify the witnesses and evidence that will be used to prove each of the elements of a money laundering violation and perfect the related asset forfeiture. The investigation of the simulated case will be interspersed with relevant blocks of instruction that will augment the investigator’s current investigative skills and lead to a successful conclusion to the investigation.


This program is open to agents, criminal investigators, non-criminal investigators, auditors, analysts, attorneys, and other personnel who provide support for investigations.  The participant needs to have basic computer skills prior to enrolling in this program.

Required Training Materials

Participants must bring a laptop computer with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Reader installed.  The computer must also have a CD drive.

Program Syllabus/Curriculum

  • Electronic Case Organization
  • Money Laundering Schemes and Transfer Systems
  • Bank Secrecy Act - Title 31
  • Investigative Applications of Electronic Spreadsheets
  • Investigative Accounting and Financial Analysis Techniques
  • Tracing Funds Through Financial Institutions
  • Money Laundering
  • Asset Forfeiture

Program Registration

Federal organization personnel should contact their agency training officer to register for training, email questions to or telephone 912-267-3344. 

State, local and tribal officers requesting training should register online. If organizational support is required or you have additional needs, please email or call us at 1-800-743-5382.

International (non-US) personnel should email or telephone 912-261-4023.

Program Contact Info

Glynco: (912) 267-3166

NOTE: For Export training programs only, the below forms must be completed and faxed to the Training Specialist at 912-267-2500.