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Economic Crimes Investigation and Analysis

8 Training Days
Locations Offered
Export -


The Economic Crimes Investigation and Analysis (ECIA) program is designed for investigators, auditors, analysts and individuals serving as direct law enforcement support personnel which provides a foundation for fraud and financial investigations. The program includes an overview of the fraud investigation process, identification of offenses and common schemes, obtaining records, analyzing the records (to include investigative accounting, analytical tools, and financial analysis techniques), case organization and presentation of the fraud case for prosecution.

Successful completion of the ECIA will enable students to: (1) identify various investigative techniques that may be used to investigate economic crimes; (2) identify evidentiary documents that may be used to prove the source and disposition of monies; (3) demonstrate how computer software may be used to organize, analyze, and present information; (4) identify various ways that an accounting system may be used to conceal the true nature of fraudulent transactions; (5) demonstrate how indirect methods may be used to identify illegal income; and (6) demonstrate how effectively present investigative findings.


  1. Applicant must be an investigator, investigative aide, prosecutor, analyst, auditor or an individual serving as direct law enforcement support personnel who is likely to be involved with a financial investigation or fraud case.
  2. Students should have some basic computer knowledge and skills prior to attending.

Required Training Materials

Each student must bring a laptop computer equipped with Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Reader.  The computer must also have a CD drive.

Program Syllabus/Curriculum

  • Fraud Investigation Process
  • Common Fraud Schemes & Indicators
  • Civil, Criminal & Administrative Remedies
  • Obtaining Records
  • Link Analysis
  • Investigative Accounting & Financial Analysis Techniques
  • Investigative Applications of Electronic Spreadsheets
  • Electronic Case Organization

Program Contact Info

Glynco: (912) 267-3166

NOTE: For Export training programs only, the below forms must be completed and faxed to the Training Specialist at 912-267-2500.

Program Registration