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Training Innovation Division: Adapting technology for law enforcement training

Training Innovation Division

The law enforcement profession constantly adapts to progress. The Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) Training Innovation Division (TID) is committed to ensure the relevance of current methodology and seek out innovative training opportunities. This diverse group of highly-educated staff serve as change agents to the evolving needs of partners and students. The team provides specialized support in three main areas: evaluating and analyzing existing curriculum, researching existing and new curriculum, and exploring future technologies and instructional methodologies.

FLETC Researcher Roy Gunnarsson equips Enforcement Operations Division Branch Chief Bryan Feeney with an fNIR device.  The fNIR can measure oxygenation of the blood in the brain. In collaboration with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, it is being used by FLETC researchers to provide insight into the decision-making processes. (Photo by Alicia Gregory, FLETC.)

The Evaluation and Analysis Branch assists in measuring the effectiveness of existing curriculum through surveys and testing instruments. This branch should be the first stop for approving enabling performance objectives, writing test questions, creating performance evaluations or designing a survey. They can improve individual comprehension of instructional system design concepts and how to use them in curriculum.      

The Applied Research Branch helps scientifically validate existing curriculum and understand what the science says about ideas for future curriculum. They also have access to academic databases and connections to major universities and researchers throughout the world.  

The Outreach and Exploration Branch explains and shows how new technology can be employed in the training environment. They have relationships with the Department of Defense, industry, academia and others to access the latest in training innovations. New technology or methods can help train students more efficiently, but it can be difficult to understand. This branch helps explain the latest technology, and assists in determining if it can be a potential solution to a training challenge.

FLETC has some of the world’s foremost experts in law enforcement training, and TID is a resource to help those experts gain full comprehension to the science of learning and technologies available, to increase the transfer of knowledge to students. The law enforcement officers and agents of tomorrow will be expected to operate in more complex and difficult environments. TID can help FLETC stay current with the latest technologies and methodologies to provide future officers and agents with the training they need to succeed.


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