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Secure Development of IT Products


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National Cyber Security Awareness Month - "Our Shared Responsiblity." Week 2: Secure Development of IT Products

Security is an essential element of software design, development, testing, and maintenance. The software we use every day on our phones, tablets, and computers may have vulnerabilities that can compromise our personal information and privacy.

How we use our IT products and devices is important. From locking our portable devices to making sure that all devices have the latest operating systems and anti-virus software, users should always take advantage of their products’ existing security features.

Regardless of how secure our IT products are, individual users can and should take a few steps to improve their cybersecurity. For instance, when purchasing software or hardware, consumers should:

  • Install and maintain vendor-distributed patches or updates
  • Ensure they are using the latest operating systems on their computers and mobile devices
  • Be aware of vulnerabilities that may exist

To learn more about software and applications, visit the US-CERT Tips page. 

For more resources to help create secure IT products, visit the Department of Homeland Security’s Stop.Think.Connect. page. For a list of free botnet detection and remediation resources, visit the Keep Machines Clean information page.

Get Involved

Everyone has the opportunity to make a difference this October. To get started, replace your social media profile picture with the National Cyber Security Awareness Month logo during October. Download the social media icons here. For more ways to get involved, visit

The Department of Homeland Security encourages everyone to participate in the National Cyber Security Awareness Month events. Visit the National Cyber Security Awareness Month page to learn more about events occurring during October. Additionally, you can follow the hashtag #NCSAM on social media throughout the month.