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Hurricane Matthew Update


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Hurricane Matthew Update

Hurricane Matthew Update:

FLETC-Glynco Students

You may return to get your property between 8 am and 5 pm Monday – Friday. (If you cannot come between 8-5, we can make arrangements for after hours and weekends pick ups.) Before returning to FLETC-Glynco to retrieve your items, please have a travel plan as there currently is no lodging available.

*Students who are going to Dorms 185, 186, 187, must check in at building 1. All rooms on the first floors of these buildings had undamaged personal property packed up, and students will be escorted to building 2400 to pick up their property.

*Students in all other dorms may go directly to the room on their own.

*Students cannot pick up other students property, unless their agency representative is on center and gives approval.

*When retrieving your personal items, please leave all FLETC-issued gear and uniforms in the middle of the dormitory bed.

If you do not return to get your property, it will be packed up and shipped to you in coordination with your agency representatives. If you had items in your safe, it will be shipped as well. Firearms will be shipped back to the student’s agency, if they are not retrieved. We do not have an estimated shipping date.

Please check beginning Monday, October 17, 2016, for information on filing claims if you have damaged property.

If students were expecting packages delivered to the FLETC-Glynco, they can contact the onsite post office at 912-267-2290 to have their mail forwarded.