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Glynco Phone Directory


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General Information Number

For information concerning classes, call (912) 267-2269 between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. All other times, all Students can call (912) 267-2100.

Glynco Facilities Phone Numbers

FacilityPhone Number
Barber Shop(912) 267-2311
CISM/PEER Support(912) 267-2633
FLETC Convenience Store(912) 265-2048
Credit Union(912) 264-6325
Dining Hall Manager(912) 267-2202
Dry Cleaner(912) 267-2597
Health Unit Main Line(912) 267-2385
Library(912) 267-2320
Main Gate(912) 267-2369
24hr Critical Incident Stress Management Hotline(877) 235-7337
Recreation Association(912) 265-4470
Recreation Specialist(912) 267-3099
Security (Building 93)(912) 267-2461
Student Center Manager(912) 267-2213
Uniform Issue(912) 267-2439
Educational Aides(912) 267-2457
Environmental Division(912) 267-3239
Athletic Trainer(912) 261-4567

Agency Phone Numbers

Area Code = 912 unless listed otherwise

AgencyPhone Number
Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms(912) 267-2252
Bureau of Engraving and Printing(912) 554-4416
Bureau of Land Management(912) 267-3060
Bureau of Prisons(912) 267-2323
Central Intelligence Agency(912) 267-2910
Citizenship and Immigration Services(912) 554-4858
Customs and Border Protection(912) 554-4995
Defense Criminal Investigative Service(912) 267-3129
Department of Interior(912) 261-3642
Department of Justice (DOJ)(912) 267-2917
Department of State (BDS)(912) 267-2864
Environmental Protection Agency(912) 267-2726
Federal Protective Services(912) 267-2831
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network(912) 267-2850
Health & Human Services Office of Inspector General (HHSOIG)(912) 267-2888
Immigration and Customs Enforcement(912) 267-3110
Inspector General Institute, School of Investigations(912) 267-3008
Internal Revenue Service (CID)(912) 267-2244
Internal Revenue Service (IS)(912) 267-2888
National Marine Fisheries Service(912) 267-5416
National Security Agency(912) 280-5362
Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)(912) 267-2975
National Park Service(912) 267-2246
Tennessee Valley Authority Police(423) 632-3444
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration(912) 267-2348
U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations(912) 554-4484
U.S. Capitol Police(912) 267-2464
U.S. Coast Guard(912) 267-2989
U.S. Customs and Border Protection(912) 554-4900
U.S. Department of Agriculture(912) 554-4905
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service(912) 267-2370
U.S. Forest Service(912) 267-2471
U.S. Marshals Service(912) 267-2505
U.S. Park Police(912) 267-2489
U.S. Secret Service(912) 267-2127