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Artesia Classroom Conduct


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Code of Conduct

While you are attending the FLETC for training, you are expected to conduct yourself in a manner befitting a law enforcement officer. Executive Order 11222 (18 U.S.C. 201) states the basic philosophy of conduct for those who carry out the public business: "Where government is based on the consent of the governed, every citizen is entitled to have complete confidence in the integrity of his government. Each individual, officer, employee, or advisor of government must help earn and must honor that trust by his own integrity and conduct in all official actions." You are expected to adhere to the above-stated principles and to standards of behavior that will reflect credit on the Government. You are reminded that Office of Personnel Management regulations state Federal employees shall not engage in criminal, infamous, dishonest, immoral, or notoriously disgraceful conduct, or other conduct prejudicial to the Government. Included in the Government Code is a statement regarding the responsibility to protect and conserve all Federal property.

Student Honor Code

The FLETC Student Honor Code is based on the premise that persons aspiring to/or serving as Federal law enforcement agents/officers should exhibit the highest levels of personal conduct and integrity. The Honor Code prescribes that all work submitted by you to complete a training program successfully be your sole product. You have an obligation to uphold the highest standards of integrity in training, which includes a refusal to tolerate dishonesty by other students and an active interest in contributing to the existence of a high sense of moral and social responsibility on the part of all students. The code applies not only to written examinations, but to all work performed in the graded practical exercises of a training program. Honor Code violations, as outlined in the FLETC Directive 67-35(c), will result in termination from training. The following are violations of the Honor Code as it pertains to dishonesty (cheating) on written examinations and graded exercises:

  • Copying from another student’s work
  • Soliciting, giving, and/or receiving unauthorized aid
  • The duplication or replication of any part of an examination
  • Exchanging and/or transmitting examination questions/materials from one class or student to another
  • Use/possession of duplicated or replicated examination questions/materials
  • Use of unauthorized aids

At the conclusion of each written examination, you will be asked to sign a pledge that you neither gave nor received aid from unauthorized sources before or during the examination. If you observe or learn of another student’s violation of the Honor Code, you are bound by the Honor Code to report to the examination administrator the name of such student(s), and furnish evidence as is available to support your allegation. For the Honor Code to operate successfully, the cooperation of the entire student body is essential.

Classroom Conduct

The FLETC takes great pride in providing quality training in a quality atmosphere. Part of that quality stems from the attitudes and conduct of you as a student. Conduct expected in the classroom is no different at the FLETC than that expected in any well-disciplined institution of learning, including promptness, attentiveness, cooperation, and courtesy to instructors and fellow students. In order to uphold these high standards of conduct, corrective or disciplinary action will be taken, including removal from training or placement in a conduct probationary status, for those not adhering to these standards. This action will be coordinated with employing organizations. We ask that you not use tobacco products (including smokeless tobacco) while in the classroom. This is to promote good health, cleanliness and to respect the rights of your fellow students and instructors. With regards to all allegations of cheating, the FLETC policy states that it be reported through official channels to appropriate personnel. Each instance of alleged cheating is reviewed in a detail necessary to determine whether there is validity to the allegation. All allegations of cheating are made a matter of official record, together with the results of the review and appropriate action, if any. If cheating is proven, you will be dismissed from training.