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School Safety Summit - Strategies for Prevention


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This Summit provides attendees with a participant focused opportunity to learn and discuss strategies intended to prevent acts of violence in our nations’ schools. Emphasis will be placed on Social Media, Physical Security and Threat Assessment/Threat Management. The strategies discussed will apply to all types of educational infrastructure (K-12 and College/University). Speakers representing state, local and federal law enforcement, and the private sector, will share lessons learned and best practices.

Guest Speakers:

  • MAX SCHACTER, Safe Schools for Alex
  • CHIEF MIKE DORN (Ret.), Safe Havens International
  • ROD ELLIS, Chief Glynn County BOE Police
  • Lt. KERBY YOUNG, Pennsylvania State Police
  • SAC KEVIN RICE (Ret.), University of Iowa
  • Capt. JOHN SPOOR (Ret.), Pinellas County S.O.
  • FLETC Counterterrorism Division (CTD) 
  • FLETC Cyber Division (CYD)

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