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Recovery and Reentry as of 10:30 AM September 12, 2017


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Recovery and Reentry - 9/12/2017 - 10:30 AM

Public Service Announcement: September 12, 2017
Contact:  Dhwani Patel

Recovery and Reentry

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga.- As of this morning, officials have implemented Phase 2 of the re-entry plan for Glynn County. Phase 2 includes critical workforce conducting life safety operations and essential infrastructure emergency support personnel. These personnel have been supplied with a green critical workforce disaster re-entry permit. A form of personal ID, such as a driver’s license, and a business ID with your name will suffice for re-entry. If you do not already have a critical workforce pass, none will be given out this week.

Damage assessments are currently in progress. While crews work uninterrupted by traffic, every minute Glynn County limits access increases the speed of recovery exponentially. It is still not safe to be out and about in the county.

Law enforcement personnel at various checkpoints will be restricting reentry to those who do not meet the requirements for Phase 2 entry. Another update will be issued later today, Tuesday, September 12.