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Read the Latest FLETC Journal Magazine - Spring/Summer 2014


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Read the latest FLETC Journal Magazine issued Spring/Summer 2014

In this Issue

2 Foreword Message from Chief Information Officer Sandy Peavy
5 Leadership
Director Connie L. Patrick shares her thoughts regarding “tough-minded” optimism.
17 “Cost of Doing Business”
Training prepares students for the real thing. Risk assessments and mitigation plans are as important in training as they are in actual law enforcement operations.
29 FLETC: Making IT Happen
Merging unique information sharing systems into HSIN will enhance partner collaboration and deepen knowledge sharing.
35 Training for Reality
This is a new series that will share law enforcement officers’ and agents’ stories from the frontlines about how training has impacted them.
37 Legal Brief - Circuit Split in Using Deadly Force to Control Suicidal People
So what does the Fourth Amendment demand of an officer confronting a mentally unstable person?
40 U.S. Border Patrol Academy Constructs an International Border Fence Training Venue
Border Patrol Agent trainees attend a 13-week FLETC Integrated Border Patrol Basic Training Program to learn critical laws and skill sets that will be necessary once they graduate and become Border Patrol agents.