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Professional Spotlight: Janelle Prescott


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Professional Spotlight: Janelle Prescott

By Brandon Spragins/ FLETC OPA

In the heart of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC), amongst the demands of training the nation's law enforcement personnel, lies a sanctuary of support and growth. FLETC’s Counseling Services has been a cornerstone for students and staff seeking guidance and help. Among the dedicated professionals in this vital department, our Professional Spotlight highlights Janelle Prescott of the Counseling Services Program, who shines as a new beacon of hope and resilience, making significant strides in addressing the mental health of those serving at the front lines of justice.

Born in Barbados, West Indies, Prescott's journey to become a committed mental health services specialist is nothing short of remarkable. With roots deep into her first 16 years of life, her transition to the bustling dynamics of the U.S. only fueled her determination and passion. Janelle’s academic pursuits led her to Florida Atlantic University, where she majored in Psychobiology, followed by a master’s degree in counseling from Barry University, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Addictions Professional in Florida, Janelle has dedicated over a decade of her life to substance abuse treatment within the U.S. Army, stationed most recently at Fort Liberty, North Carolina. 

“Serving America’s elite warfighters and their families was the training ground that I needed to prepare me for my work here at FLETC,” Prescott stated.

Janelle Prescott, Counseling Psychologist (Official Photo)

Her approach to therapy is as comprehensive as it is compassionate, blending the Family Systems Approach, Attachment Theory, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, enriched by her expertise in trauma treatment through Cognitive Processing Therapy approaches.

At FLETC, Janelle’s role goes beyond the conventional. Her work digs deep into the past, unraveling the effects on the present, and influencing thoughts and actions that hinder healthy relationships. Yet, it is not just the past she seeks to heal but also to empower law enforcement and mission support professionals to forge stronger, more resilient selves and relationships.

Her professional aspirations entail enhancing the awareness and availability of high-quality mental health care worldwide. She is dedicated to forming policies aimed at destigmatizing mental illness, increasing awareness within law enforcement bodies, and boosting their well-being through education.

She highly encourages FLETC students or staff members to reach out for individual or family assistance that ranges from general stress management, grief counseling, crisis intervention, needs assessments, training, and wellness.  

Beyond her professional realm, Janelle is a devoted mother and an enthusiastic Disney fan, a reminder of her multidimensional life that balances the seriousness of her work with the joy of living. 

Janelle Prescott's story and work are a testament to the power of compassion, expertise, and unyielding dedication to the well-being of those who serve to protect, and FLETC’s support staff. As she continues to inspire and heal, her impact echoes far beyond the walls of FLETC into the lives of many who serve to make the nation safer.

To learn more about FLETC Counseling Services or a means to contact visit Counseling Services | Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (