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Professional Spotlight: Glenn DeMar


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Professional Spotlight: Glenn DeMar

By: Markeeta Martin, FLETC Office of Public Affairs

Federal Law Enforcement Specialist (EOD Glenn DeMar TOPS/CTO
Federal Law Enforcement Specialist (EOD Glenn DeMar TOPS/CTO)

“Save lives and protecting people who could not protect themselves,” is what motivated Glenn DeMar to start his Law Enforcement career. DeMar began his law enforcement career in 1989 with the Atlanta Police Department, where he served in the Patrol Division.  In 1995, DeMar moved back home to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he worked as a police officer with the Forest Park Police Department (FPPD).  During his time with the FPPD, he was assigned to the Patrol Division. Shortly after he was promoted to the Undercover Narcotics Agent with the Multi-jurisdictional Drug Abuse Reduction Taskforce. During his assignment, he purchased narcotics on the streets, and was a member of the taskforce entry team, which allowed him to be promoted to Assistant Field Commander. 

In 1998, DeMar began his federal law enforcement career with the U.S. Border Patrol in San Diego, California. There, he performed line watch duties and became a member of the Imperial Beach Station Community Relations Unit. Fast-forward to 2012, when DeMar was hired as a Special Agent by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in Cincinnati, Ohio. While in this position, he was a member of the Detroit Special Response Team and a Firearms Instructor. 

While serving as an instructor, DeMar was selected for a diplomatic position as a HSI Representative in Kabul, Afghanistan, and then later promoted to a Program Manager (PM) within the International Operations Division at HSI Headquarters. While in this position, he worked on the following assignments: Middle East/Africa Desk, Personnel Recovery Unit, Firearms Instructor, PM, and then Section Chief of the Visa Security Unit. DeMar was selected as the HSI Deputy Attaché in Hong Kong from 2016 to 2019. While in this supervisory diplomatic position, he was responsible for managing complex criminal investigations, enforcement operations, and coordination and liaison efforts supporting ICE-HSI activities throughout Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

After DeMar’s tours overseas, in 2019, he was rotated back to the U.S. and assigned to HSI Cyber Crimes Center in the Child Exploitation Investigations Unit, located in Fairfax, Virginia. While assigned there, DeMar knew retirement was in the near future. As a Section Chief of the Angel Watch Center, he retired from HSI in April 2021 and began working for the Federal Law Enforcement Centers (FLETC) as a Use of Force Instructor. DeMar is a member of one of four export teams of FLETC instructors who travel the United States teaching a nine-day Use of Force Instructor Training Program (UOFITP) to federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement officers. When he is not traveling, Mr. DeMar teaches Use of Force classes at the FLETC Glynco, Georgia campus. 

Glenn DeMar Use of Force Instructor Training Program, Boise, ID 2022
Glenn DeMar Use of Force Instructor Training Program, Boise, ID 2022

There are many aspects DeMar enjoys about his job such as “Teaching law enforcement officers (LEOs) how to articulate their actions in use of force encounters in a manner which simplistically conveys to the listener/reader the totality of circumstances and their perception of the facts at the moment they used force.” DeMar has had the good fortune to be able to impart his knowledge to FLETC basic students who are beginning their federal law enforcement careers, as well as seasoned federal, state, local, and tribal LEOs throughout the country. 

When asked about the positive impact that he wants to instill in his students, his reply was, “I want the students to understand how important it is to articulate all of the facts regarding use of force encounters. If communicated correctly, their audience will understand why the actions they took were objectively reasonable.”

In his spare time, DeMar enjoys surfing, swimming, fishing, shark tooth hunting, and taking his golden retriever “grand pup” Enzo to the beach.

To stay motivated, DeMar’s favorite quote that he continues to reach for is, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Glenn DeMar, (Homeland Security Investigation Deputy, Hong Kong) 2019
Glenn DeMar, (Homeland Security Investigation Deputy, Hong Kong) 2019