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Artesia facilities get much needed renovations

For Immediate Release

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) Artesia training delivery point is in the process of conducting much-needed site upgrades by erecting new buildings to help accommodate a growing need and provide an upgraded environment for staff and students alike.

A new conveyance training facility, auto maintenance facility, and vehicle denial barrier project are all in the process of being built. In fact, the commercial and west range portion of the vehicle denial barrier project were accepted as complete on October 20, and the conveyance training facility is at 99% complete.

“Substantial completion of the conveyance training facility was September 1, 2020,” said Lead Project Manager DeAnne Connelly, Mission and Readiness Support Directorate (MRSD), Artesia Administration Division (AAD). “We are currently awaiting IT [Information Technology] to install their equipment to finalize connectivity for classroom function and fire alarms.”

At 12,000 square feet, the conveyance training facility allows for improved training.

“This new building includes a 48-person classroom, which adds a climate-controlled environment for students to conduct classroom studies and technical instruction,” said Connelly. “The classroom may be shared with other FLETC students if needed and available. There is three times the area to expand for additional vehicles for various types of search, with two lifts to search underneath a vehicle, and there is space to store props and additional equipment necessary to equip the search conveyance properly and professionally.”

Site Director Terry Todd, Office of Artesia Operations (OAO), echoed this sentiment. “This facility will provide hands-on experience to law enforcement officers in locating concealment techniques used by the criminal element in the transportation of narcotics and human smuggling. The facility brings the capability of moving directly from the classroom environment into the lab/practical exercise without ever leaving the building. It allows for multiple platforms to be inspected/searched within one location and sheltered from the elements that could interfere with training.”

Also at 12,000 square feet, the new auto maintenance shop is on track for completion by the end of the year. This larger space allows for a bigger work area and saves money and time by keeping more maintenance in-house.

“This facility will increase the capability to service the training fleet at OAO and eliminate the back log of vehicles in need of service to return to training,” said Todd. “It will increase the capabilities from being able to work on two vehicles at a time to 16, to include working on the current bus fleet that is being shipped up to 200 miles away from Artesia to be serviced.”

Another development, the vehicle denial barrier project, provides enhanced safety and security to the Artesia training delivery point staff and students.

“The vehicle denial barrier project is a security upgrade to the facility entrances,” said Facilities Project Manager Gabrielle Orzel, MRSD, AAD. “It enables FLETC security to deploy the barriers during an emergency non-authorized vehicle breach, enabling greater control over the safety of the facilities. This phase included the commercial entrance and the west range entrance.”

Like any project, teamwork is essential. “The project required the patience of the security staff during partial- and full-closures of the entry gates,” said Orzel. “They were a valuable asset during the entire construction portion of the project.”

Taken together, these projects augment the work and training accomplished every day in Artesia.

“Each of these projects will enhance the student learning experience at Artesia as well as provide an enhanced level of safety and security to everyone who works at OAO,” said Todd. “Both the auto maintenance facility and conveyance facility enhance the training capabilities at Artesia, providing state of art capabilities for the training mission for the law enforcement agencies training at OAO.”

Artesia's new automotive maintenance facility

At 12,000 square feet, the new automotive maintenance facility will increase Artesia’s ability to service their training fleet (Courtesy Photo)


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