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FLETC Turns 50!

For Immediate Release
July 1, 2020

Today, we celebrate the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers’ (FLETC) golden anniversary. It has been 50 years since federal law enforcement officers started training at FLETC.  Current conditions may have postponed our public celebration, but it can’t dampen the FLETC spirit and our intent to mark this occasion. Today, we celebrate virtually and look forward to coming together at a later date to celebrate as one FLETC family.

Since the creation in 1970 of the Consolidated Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, later to become the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, we have continued the mission of safeguarding our homeland and serving as America’s enterprise resource for federal law enforcement training.

Fifty years ago, FLETC graduated 2,200 students in its first year.  Last year, FLETC welcomed more than 67,000 students.  We have grown to manage more than 850 training programs across four training sites with 3,400 acres spread among Brunswick, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina; Cheltenham, Maryland; and Artesia, New Mexico. A world-class organization with world-class training.

When describing FLETC, Director Walters often says, “Neither are we what we once were, nor are we yet all we will become.”  We continue to learn and evolve. Even after 50 years, our organization is in transition – connected to the past, shaped by the present, and always preparing for the future.

A year ago, we had big plans leading up to July 1, 2020.  Nevertheless, today’s circumstances call for FLETC to adapt – and so we have.  Just as we have done throughout our existence – through hurricanes, war, government shutdowns and thousands of other situations large and small, we have adapted and overcome. And now, through a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic we adapt again and lead the way in getting our invaluable federal law enforcement personnel to the front lines.

FLETC will defer our large public celebration until sometime in the near future. Please continue to watch FLETC Center News and social media platforms for virtual recognition of this milestone, including a special video message from Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad F. Wolf and the both of us.  I hope you will join us in honoring FLETC’s five decades as the Nation’s Producer, Resource, and Steward of federal law enforcement training.

50 years in the past – 50 more years towards the future.

More to come….


Director Thomas J. Walters and Deputy Director William Fallon


Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers
Office of Public Affairs
Contact: 912-267-2447