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Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) Hosts Navy League

For Immediate Release

Glynco, GA -- The FLETC hosted approximately 50 members of the NavyLeague’s Savannah Council Wednesday, June 26 at the FLETC headquartersin Glynco, Ga. The active community group toured a couple of theFLETC’s innovative training venues.

The Navy League is a strong supporter those men and women serving onthe front lines in our military and those in law enforcement,” saidFLETC Director Connie Patrick. “This tour enables us to show thesemembers how we are providing state-of-the-art training to the21st century law enforcement professional.”

The first stop of the vast was the FLETC Simulations Laboratory. Aspart of the Director’s goal of integrating technology and simulationinto the FLETC training environment, this 40,000-square-foot facilityis FLETC’s test bed for emerging technologies. FLETC offers studentsvirtual experiences in complex law enforcement scenarios withoutexpensive investments in time, personnel and “real world” facilities.This, in turn, helps the organization better prepare our students fortheir jobs — and most importantly will increase their survivability asthey serve the people of America in often very hostile environments.The integration of these technologies into traditional trainingprograms holds great promise for improving the effectiveness of lawenforcement training.

Guests also visited the Intermodal Transportation Facility, whichsignificantly enhanced FLETC’s ability to provide frontline lawenforcement personnel with advanced, realistic and scenario-basedtraining to better deter and combat evolving threats across majortransportation modes. This first of its kind facility includes anairport terminal – to include a passenger boarding bridge to anauthentic 727 jet – a bus terminal, a railway station and a subwaystation. The nation’s first Intermodal Training Facility allows FLETCto proactively address the protection of our nation’s transportationsystems.

“The Navy League, Savannah Council, was very interested in learningmore about the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center,” said PatYovich, the council’s 1st vice president. “Most of the NavyLeaguers had no idea that this facility existed and how many differentgovernment agencies are trained right here in Georgia.”

The Navy League is a national citizen’s organization to serve andsupport the sea services of our country, the Navy, Marine Corps, CoastGuard and U.S. Flag Merchant Marine. The Savannah Council is one of 275councils, representing more than 50,000 members. Navy League membersare respected by leaders throughout government, industry and themilitary for their patriotic support and service to our men and womenin uniform. You do not have to be a Navy or military veteran to jointhe Navy League.

The FLETC trains the majority of federal officers and agents in theUnited States. In addition to providing training for over 90 federalpartner organizations, FLETC also provides training to state, local,tribal and international police in selected advanced programs;graduates approximately 70,000 students annually and is the largest lawenforcement training organization in the country.

Headquartered on a 1600-acre campus at Glynco, near Brunswick,Georgia, the FLETC operates facilities in Artesia, New Mexico;Charleston, South Carolina; and Cheltenham, Maryland. The FLETC alsohas oversight responsibility on behalf of the Department of HomelandSecurity for the International Law Enforcement Academies at Gaborone,Botswana; and Bangkok, Thailand.