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Colleges and Universities Provide College Credit to FLETC Graduates

For Immediate Release
April 10, 2014

GLYNCO, GA - Graduating from a basic training course taught at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) is quite an achievement. It takes dedication, perseverance and time, but in the end, these programs prepare individuals for careers in federal law enforcement. While that is an accomplishment in itself, many graduates are now finding the efforts they gave toward completing these basic training courses may also earn them college credits. FLETC Director Connie L. Patrick, working together with leadership from various educational institutions, is paving the way for current and former students to receive college credit hours for three FLETC basic training programs.

One example of this is the FLETC’s current partnership with the College of Coastal Georgia (CCGA) in Brunswick, Ga. In 2013, the two organizations signed an agreement where the school will provide credits for courses covered in the Criminal Investigator, Uniformed Police, and Land Management Training Programs for equivalent courses in criminal justice and law enforcement. In fact, students who have completed the mentioned training programs within the last three years can earn up to 12 hours of college credits that can be applied towards degree programs at CCGA or potentially transferred to another college or university. Current trainees may also enroll in the program while attending one of the basic training courses.

“It was the dedication of our FLETC loaned executives at the College of Coastal Georgia over the past several years that has allowed our two institutions to provide this benefit to the thousands of eligible agents and officers,” said Director Patrick.

This is not the only school that is helping former and current students earn college credits based on their FLETC training. Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell notes that law enforcement officers certified by FLETC, among other certified law enforcement professionals, can use that certification as part of a two-tiered course of study to receive either an Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice or an Associate of Applied Science in Police Science at the university. In addition to their campus at Roswell, they offer online classes.

Other schools have differing criteria for the type and number of college credits provided for FLETC programs. Students should contact the specific academic institutions for details on what they offer.

For more information, about the college programs mentioned contact the following:


The FLETC trains the majority of federal officers and agents in the United States. In addition to providing training for over 90 federal partner organizations, FLETC also provides training to state, local, tribal and international police in selected advanced programs; graduates approximately 70,000 students annually and is the largest law enforcement training organization in the country.

Headquartered on a 1600-acre campus at Glynco, near Brunswick, Georgia, the FLETC operates facilities in Artesia, New Mexico; Charleston, South Carolina; and Cheltenham, Maryland. The FLETC also has oversight responsibility on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security for the International Law Enforcement Academies at Gaborone, Botswana; and Bangkok, Thailand.

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