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MLETP Graduation Pin Symbolism


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MLETP Graduation Pin SymbolismThe breaking waves with crossed oars represent our coastal mission and the dangers therein. Waves break the hardest at the shallow area, or bar, of an inlet. Ocean currents, which travel hundreds of miles, collide with river currents. The force of these opposing currents, coupled with a coastal storm can tear a vessel apart in minutes.

The gear cogs represent the ability to shift gears at a moments notice and respond to the immediate task at hand.

The seahorses represent vigilance and mobility, facing out protecting the homeland within.

The eye colors designate port and starboard running lights; they are the same aspect of a vessel meeting head-on. This is the same way we meet our marine missions. The anchor is a symbol of being steadfast and secure in our mission. The compass rose symbolizes the ability to complete the mission world wide.