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Artesia Phone Directory


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Instructor trains students at FLETC Artesia.

Artesia Facilities Phone Numbers

FacilityPhone Number
FLETC Switchboard(575) 748-8000
Border Patrol Academy(575) 748-8032
Indian Police Academy(575) 748-8152
TSA/Federal Air Marshal(575) 746-5762
FLETC Security/Emergency(575) 748-8136
Training Management Urgent

(575) 746-0500

Armory(575) 748-0673
Dining Hall(575) 748-8037
Dining Hall FAX(575) 748-9748
Dorm Registration/Help(575) 748-8027
Dry Cleaners(575) 748-0423
Fed-Xchnage Convenience Store(575) 746-5644
First American Bank(575) 746-6930
Health Clinic(575) 748-8090
Athletic Trainer(575) 748-8019
Peer Support/CISM - On Call Cell(575)-520-5715
Post Office(575) 748-8039
Warehouse(575) 748-8054
Recreation Center(575) 748-8092
Student Support Office(575) 746-5858
Transportation(575) 784-8057